Article from “Se og hør” published 23.01.2013

Authors: Henrik Skjevestad and Lina Hekklip.
Source: Se og hør

“I know what people want.”

Looking Forward: Alexander Rybak and Annsofi Pettersen are ready for Melodi Grand Prix.
Photographer: Espen Solli.

Found by Ulli Cologne. English translation by Hildebjørg Ha. Revision by Katie Anderson.

Alexander Rybak is full of confidence before the MGP comeback.

During the Melodi Grand Prix finale in Florø Saturday night, Annsofi Pettersen (18) will be on stage with the song “I’m with you.” The song is written by Alexander Rybak (26) and custom made for Annsofi’s voice – and Melodi Grand Prix.

– I did not want to participate again until I found a unique talent. In Annsofi, I found it. I am so pleased to have discovered a musician I know is going to deliver, says Alexander to Seoghø

Duet: Annsofi has previously performed with Alexander Rybak, like here during a Christmas concert at the Chat Noir.
Photographer: Espen Solli.

Saturday night at 19:30-19:55, “Se og hør” is charging up for the MGP semi final Florø with MGP-TV. There you can watch an exclusive video interview with Alexander Rybak and Annsofi Pettersen. The presenter is Ingeborg Heldal.

According to the “Fairytale” singer, who in total has more than a staggering 60 million views on YouTube, Annsofi can reach as far as she wants in the competition, and he does not lack confidence in either her – or himself.

– I know what people like to listen to on a Saturday evening. At the same time I have great respect for the viewers, and am concerned with not stealing their time, but on the contrary, enriching it, he notes.

A night full of jubilation: It has been four years since Alexander Rybak won the Eurovision Song Contest.
Photographer: Andreas Fadum

Annsofi Pettersen, who had her break through in the “X Factor” in the autumn of 2010, is delighted to sing Alexander Rybak’s song.

– Alexander could have written for whoever he wanted. Therefore, I feel skilled when I get confirmation from someone who has such knowledge as he. It has been absolutely fantastic. A delightful journey. To get to know Alexander has been incredibly fun and really quite an honor, says the talented 18-year-old.

Read more about Annsofi Pettersen and Alexander Rybak in the next issue of “Se og Hør Weekend” which is on the shelves on Friday!

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