My heart is broken but free – Interview in Russian “7 Days”, June 16th, 2010

Article published on 16.6.2010.

By Maria Adamchuk, 7 Days. Link to original article here

Translated by Olina Novikova and Marianne Saietz

Alexander Rybak:  “My heart is broken but free “

Since last year, when the unknown violinist and singer,  won the Eurovision, his life has changed dramatically. He is constantly on the road, but manages to do repairs in his recently bought apartment, and he still has time for romantic relationships! About his life today,  Sasha told reporters of  “7Days” while walking along the sacred places of his favorite Oslo.

“If you look at my work schedule, you can easily find out,  that during the last year, starting with Moscow’s Eurovision” and until today, I had only four days off, including Christmas and birthdays. Thick, of course, but I like to think that the concerts,  are not hard work, but hobbies. It turns out that whole year, I was doing things I love, and if so – why need extra rest? It’s cool – at first to work out on the stage, then two hours of signing autographs (incidentally, another one of my hobbies).

Last year I travelled almost the whole of Russia, was in towns, which are not even on the map, not really. And the Russian language tightened, new words appeared: “cool”, “cool”, “cool” and some others, I will not say it now “- smiles Sasha. During the year, Rybak increased not only his vocabulary. Material well-being of the singer, too, of course, improved, and the first thing he bought himself, was an appartment. “A small apartment but in a prestigious district of Oslo, that  I really like. Repairs have not yet been finished, although I have a lot of money invested in it. If  transferred to your money:  – about 400 thousand rubles. Oops! Judging by your face, I said something wrong? It’s not a lot for repairs in Moscow’s standards? But I have a flat that is not very big.

However, in one interview with the Belarusian press, I was wrong and asked about how many rooms there were,  in my apartment, replied “Seven” – I thought,  it had to consider bathroom with bath, kitchen and balcony. This caused a considerable stir, people immediately began to estimate how much I earned for the year to buy a 7-room appartment in one of the most expensive capitals of the world. But in fact my appartment has only two rooms. Now I will not show them to you! When the repairs are finished – come. “

Asked,  when he will live an independent life, the singer smiles sadly: “You know, I have a feeling that I will never live independently. I’m an artist, and this, among other things, means that around me day and night, are swarming managers, assistants and a lot of good people. That’s nice, especially now, when my team is all entirely friends and associates and I am very pleased to go on tour. But sometimes you need to be alone, but this is just not possible in current times.  But in general, to be honest, I’m not very eager to move into my own apartment, I live comfortably  now – with my mother, I am accustomed to getting cleaned up and cooked.

When I get home at midnight I sit quietly and watch TV. The main joy in my life now – this series, I can watch them around the clock. The most favorite – “Lost” (pity, that ended) and “24 hours”. Their heroes are constantly changing, overcoming something, growing  internally, evolving.   I like to follow their development. Fortunately, I now have a bit more time to watch TV. We decided that we will not give too many concerts. The more performances, the lower their usual quality, but I would not want to lose the quality for the quantity.

There is another important component in the life of  Sasha’s,  in addition to concerts and series : The relationships with girls. On this topic he can talk endlessly, but at the moment – only with light sadness: “My life has entered a new phase, I now need to be, almost always,  around the girl that I love, but who does not love me. This story began long ago, we work together and see each other very often: She is  one of three violinists, whom you always see around me on stage. I was in love with all of them ,  even wrote three songs about my love for them, for  my new album.  And when I did not pay my current love any attention,  she was just blazing towards me. And then I suddenly said to myself: “How lucky I am, such a girl loves me, such an angel, why am I wasting time?!” – And began to court her.

Here in Norway there is a saying: “To follow as a tail. So, I was such a little tail, sometimes I even cancelled concerts,  to go to the movies with her. And suddenly she tells me that she does not love me anymore. She said: ” When you were free and independent, when you had other girls, I liked you, and now you have become  sort of boring, sorry.”  This recently happened, I’m still a little stunned and can not imagine how I can now travel with her on tour. Although, I confess, I like this situation still more,  than the previous one, which ended by my fault. When six years ago I had a relationship with my previous girlfriend, Ingrid, I  in a moment, suddenly realized that she became uninteresting to me, I looked at other girls and told her, that we had to break up. That was much harder. I felt guilty and felt,  that the responsibillity for the break-up was entirely on me. This time  I did all I could, and I was told: “Goodbye” – So my heart is free. Broken, but free.

Despite the sad speech, Sasha does not look depressed. He embraces, gladly, fans who literally would not let him pass for the entire walk in Oslo. Moreover, the day after our conversation, he appeared in public with a new girlfriend named Sara, and even introduced her to reporters. “In my life was a lot of happiness, and I think it is time to give it to others. And if I can make my songs, autographs, photographs and words make happy: Ten, hundred or a thousand girls, it means that my life was successful “, – says the musician about his behavior.

10 thoughts on “My heart is broken but free – Interview in Russian “7 Days”, June 16th, 2010”

  1. Interesting interview,I was under the illusion I had read it earlier.But it seems I haven`t.

  2. Wow…
    I have a lot of respect for Alex!I think he deserve some free time!He needs free time too like we!I mean:he needs a day off.

  3. I really going to make excuses but not giving me joy or a lot less, giving me great sorrow
    But hey … if he is happy … we will have to endure …
    thank you very much to the girls in the translation

  4. I think that Alex really cares about his fans. He wont show his sadness of fear to the world and instead he smiles. I think he deserves a vacation and have some time for his own. He’s doing a great job for everyone and he wont disappoint his fans at all. I have lots of respect for this young man and he deserves to be happy. If all of his fans support him, then they wont mind if Alex need some time for his own. I wish him all the luck, love and health of the world to him and I’ll hope he is happy!

  5. This is one of the best interviews I have read for a long time. Thanks for translating!

  6. Thanks girls for the article and the translation 🙂 I have a doubt, here Alex says that was him who broke-up with Ingrid but, wasn’t her the one who made Alex choose between her or his career?? At least that is what he said last year when he explained the story behind “Fairytale”
    Anyway, Good luck Alex with “No Boundaries” have fun on tour! You’re great and I hope I see you on one of your concerts 🙂

    Greatings from Spain 🙂

  7. I think there is still a lot of broken heart to get over -- the sadness broke through when he tried to sing Oah on God Morgen Norge: rel="nofollow ugc"> .

    You have to give him credit for always bouncing back -- it must be the sad belarusian is rescued by the optimistic norwegian.

    That Sara is so beautiful -- she was introduced as Sara Nicole, his kick-boxing trainer: rel="nofollow ugc"> -- when they asked if she was a girlfriend, Alex was discrete as always.

    I have to say he is still doing a great job -- I see Alex as an important force in bringing happiness to the world, so it is a little sad when he can’t always find it for himself.


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