“From Fairytale to Christmas music”. Review. Dec.22nd 2012

Review published on www.uriks.no 22.12.12 . Link to original article here

Written by Maria Ludvigsen.

Found by Tessa Lande. Translation by Marianne Saietz. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn.

Alexander Rybak – “Christmas Tales”

From Fairytale to Christmas music

Most of us know Alexander Rybak best as the boy, who brought home the gold in the Eurovision Song Contest. Some have also seen him in the talent-competition “Idol” and we have all, in some way or another, heard the song Fairytale. Now, he has put together a Christmas album, which has got the title “Christmas Tales”.

I for my part, got more than enough of this man in the Fairytale-time, but will try the best I can to review the album objective and with an open mind. My first thought about the album is that it is very much in Rybak-style and easy to recognize. It is clear that he has managed, to put his own touch to well-known Christmas songs.

The album, I would call both cosy and a bit funny. There is something charming – both about him – and the performance of the Christmas songs. I can’t say, he is neither lifting the roof or charming me to pieces, but he delivers all in all, a good amount of Christmas songs.
Didrik Solli Tangen shows up in a duet. So does also former X-factor contestant  Annsofi Pettersen. Didrik and Rybak sing the song “Presents” together. This song doesn´t impres me much, but it could be called a bit funny.

Annsofi contributes on the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and this song impresses me more. Their voices suit each other well and it is simply a good version of the well-known Christmas song.
“Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer”  is really the song I notice most on the album. This song, Rybak delivers in a funny, cosy, charming and warm way – exactly as a Christmas song should be.

I get a good dose of Christmas-spirit from this album and that is, what drags it up, mostly. In some way, Rybak achieves to communicate Christmas songs in an atmospheric way and with a huge amount of personal touch. I could have wished for even more energy. I know he can if he wants, but this album lacks impact and energy.

I can not say, I fall in love, with neither the man or the album, but if you are already a fan, then this might be an outstanding Christmas album. The album is in no way bad, but it will not be top-grade. If I should guess, I think this album sells more on the name than on the content.

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