Kinder with the ladies – Dagbladet 24.12.2009

Original article published in “Dagbladet”, Norway, 24.12.09.

Found and translated by Laila Ulvseth.
Refound by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett

 Kinder with the ladies

Name of the year-nominee Alexander Rybak has stopped taking revenge on his ex-girlfriends.
2009 has been a fabulous year for Alexander Rybak. Since he won the ESC with “Fairytale” he has been touring in Norway and abroad, released a CD, received nearly 5000 fan letters and met a number of celebrities.
– “It feels as if I have lived half a lifetime in 6 months. I have been worn out and unable to absorb it all. First now I understand what I have experienced. There are lots of good memories”, says Rybak.

No more revenge

– How have you changed during the last year?
– “I no longer feel the need to take revenge on my ex-girlfriends”, says Rybak and explains: – “Several of my ex’s dumped their boyfriends after the ESC victory, and wanted me back. Then I was sort of:  “Haha, no way!” he laughs.

Prior to the ESC final, he was more than usual offensive about the ladies. – “I didn’t hesitate telling a girl that I liked her. I gave her lots of attention and sent her roses. And after the victory, when I got a response, I rejected them”.
– But you stopped doing this?
– “Yes. Now it’s more like if an ex calls me, I don’t mind having a coffee with her”.

Met Obama

One of the highlights of the year was when he got to meet president Barack Obama, who greeted the artists who were playing at the Nobel concert. – “Obama was really nice. He looked everybody deep in the eyes, and seemed including. When Michelle Obama entered, he said: “And here is my girl.”

Rybak also got to meet his greatest idol of all times: Actor and host for the Nobel concert, Will Smith. – “That was almost bigger than meeting Obama. Will Smith laughed at my jokes, that was really fun. I told him that he is my greatest idol, and then he hugged me! I was totally starstruck”, Rybak says enthusiastically.
– How did it feel to be a fan for once?
– “It inspired me to continue to meet the audience with a smile, and to sign autographs with pleasure. That is very important to me.”

Gives no promises

There is no lack of attention around Rybak, and he scores high among women. – What is it like being so popular among the ladies?
– “It’s easy. I am honest. The more honest you are, the less you hurt others feelings. If I meet a girl, I tell her straight out that it’s nice meeting her now, but that I don’t know what will happen in the future. I never make promises”.

In several interviews he admits  that there is one particular girl on his mind. – Are you dating now?
– “Dating is difficult to define”, he says secretively. But he points out that friends are more important than a girlfriend nowadays. – “My friends get the time, I would otherwise have spent with a girlfriend. It’s just as well. They will never leave me”, says Rybak. And adds: – “But I hope that I in 40 years have someone to look back upon my life with. It would be nice, if that was my wife”.

Tired and proud

Earlier this month, he proclaimed on Facebook and Twitter: “Sorry for being so quiet nowadays. I have a lot of problems. Big ones.”
– “That was an excuse to my fans for not responding”, says Rybak, who doesn’t want to tell anything more about the nature of his problems.
– You have earlier told Dagbladet that you are burned out. How tired are you now?
– “Burned out is perhaps the wrong word. But I am tired at the same time as I am proud of what I achieve”.

Misses time alone

– Do you miss something in your life?
– “Being able to be alone. My mom is really the only one, who understands that. She is the one person who most wants to be with me, but one of those I see the least. Some days are so busy, that I don’t even have time to send her an SMS”, tells Rybak.

He hopes and believes that 2010 will be a little calmer than 2009, and has his New Year resolutions ready:
– “I want to be more heartily, more likely to quarrel and more clear about what I’ll spend energy on. And hopefully there will be more SMS’s to mom”.

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