Article from “Belarus Today” about Alexander Rybak’s recent visit to Minsk

Author of publication: Victor Popov, Photo: Arthur Prupas

Date of publication: 01/10/2012, link to the original:

Article found and translated by Zhanna Sergueeva.

Rybak has said – the artists have done

Attention, attention! The date of the “Eurofest” national competition’s final was changed: instead of January 28th we will choose the best one on January 31st. So, the contestants of the project have got a little more time to prepare themselves. A visit to Minsk of Alexander Rybak, the winner of “Eurovision-2009”, has become its hit moment. Sasha, our former compatriot now living in Norway, volunteered to help each of the five finalists, for that he came to Minsk for only one day. The group “Litesound”, Victoria Aleshko, Gunesh and director of Alena Lanskaya, Sergey Kravtsov, attended a laconic master-class by Rybak. Where at that time was Alena herself and why the contestant Uzari did not attend the “lessons” – was revealed during this merry and witty meeting with Rybak.

Europe got kefir.

It was frankly embarrassing for Alexander to unmask the contestants, evaluate them and comment on their performances in the semifinal eye to eye. Try it yourself to put a live artist in front of you and to say something derogatory to him. A student of the Norwegian Conservatory, Alexander Rybak, is too well brought up to do it, so in fact discussion on the performances was very complimentary. So, according to Sasha, a group “Litesound” has the most “Western” style. And if they will make it to the final and come to ESC in Baku, then «everybody in Denmark and Sweden will fall in love” with their song – “We are the heroes”. And Rybak admits he is not averse to singing their tune in the shower.

Dmitry Karjakin, the vocalist of “Litesound” breathed a sigh of relief. Because before his meeting with Alexander he was disturbed by a crazy thought: “Do we have to change our song for the final?” But after so much praise all his doubts disappeared – the composition will remain the same, and suddenly he asked Rybak:

– Sasha, what do you eat for breakfast? In my opinion, a man is what he eats.

– Cereal with kefir (**), – said Rybak.

– So Europe has got kefir? — Karjakin was amazed.

– Yes, we have invented it already.

Lost in translation.

The performance of Victoria Aleshko in the final was compared by Rybak to the best examples of the Soviet pop culture. “You’ve got the best voice. Professional. And the audience always likes so much to rely on the singer. ” At the same time Alexander admitted that all Belarusian artists, who are trying to conquer Europe now, all speak poor English. And he suggested to watch American TV series without translation every day for a few hours to improve the pronunciation instead of taking vocal classes.

Aleshko was not embarrassed and replied that she watches series and movies in English from her childhood and does not consider her pronunciation so bad: “You’ve either got it or not” – cut Vicktoria. And she left with her stage director of “Eurofest” to discuss new details of her powerful show for the song “Dream”.

And a smile without a doubt.

Prior to the visit of Rybak, we somehow used to think that Gunesh still had got the best vocal on “Eurofest”. But the view from outside made some corrections. “And you have the best smile in the world, – Sasha addressed to Gunesh Abasova. – But you should not be afraid to be sometimes…not smiling “

Shortly after these words the composer and author of the Gunesh’s contest song, Isa Melikov, made an unexpected confession:

– I do not exclude Gunesh will perform another song at the final. Though she performed the composition “And morning will come” brilliantly as well. Now we are planning to record 4 – 5 new songs and we will choose the best one. Do you like to hear my honest answer? This year Belarus has an unprecedented chance to perform well on “Eurovision”. Butthat’s possible only if Gunesh Abasova will go to ESC.

“Ah, Philip Kirkorov”

Rybak compared the contestant Uzari to the radiant Bedrosovich (*middle name of Philip Kirkorov*). “This guy does not need any advice at all. He’s so confident, so chic! He has a lot of energy.” The student Yury Navrotsky ( Uzari) did not hear about Rybak author’s support because at this time he was in session at the University of Culture and Arts in St. Petersburg. We wish to Yury to get high marks not only in his student’s record-book, but at the final of “Eurofest”.

A fiddler is not needed.

According to Sasha Rybak Alena Lanskaya has a good song, but a bad arrangement, “a musical production.” “And another thing: too many violinists on stage. Where did you find so many? “Director of Lanskaya, Kravtsov, smiled broadly and replied:

– All violinists are local. But we are already working on a new production. And Alena is in Sweden now, in a studio near Stockholm, just to rerecord the song you will have heard at the semi-final . We have been working for six weeks with Swedish producers. And you know, even the demo version of the composition they sent to us has better quality than any musical product recorded in Belarus.

So it was decided that everybody does well, working hard and powerfully preparing themselves for the final performance. The truth spoken from the lips of Rybak has become for some artists a revelation, for others a funny joke.
And can you imagine a better Eurovision expert than Alexander Rybak, who recently got so many people’s love, any other would have got star fever long ago. But here is Sasha – you need just stretch out your hand and touch him, and he will give you his advice with a smile on his face on how to make old-Europe to like you. It is a pity, however, that his visit reminded us the arrival of Ostap Bender (*adventurous and enterprising character of the Soviet satirical novel*) to Vasyuki: smiles, compliments, promises …

He flew away, but he promised to return to the final on January 31st.

And further you go by yourselves.

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