Article: “Fiddle-dee-dee!”. Feb 7th 2009

Article published on Schlagerblog  7.2.2009

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 About The Schlagerboys: The Schlagerboys love Eurovision and were born on the day Alcazar and Shirley Clamp kicked off Melodifestivalen in 2005. Since then we have set ourselves the task of championing schlager at every opportunity; travelling to various National Finals and trying to get on TV as much as possible campaigning for key changes. We want to be Swedish or Norwegian and sometimes Maltese, depending on their Eurovision song for the year. Outside the Eurovision season the Schlagerboys live in Birmingham in the UK trying to inject a bit of glitter and glamour in to everyone’s lives!

February 07, 2009


The Schlagerboys won’t be watching the last Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix semi-final tonight as we’ll be sitting through 5 hours of Maltese songs waiting for Jade to come on halfway through… However, we’ll be sending schlager good luck wishes to Alexander, who’ll be fiddling his way through “Fairytale”, and hopefully to the final in two weeks…

Schlagerboys: How did you get involved with the Melodi Grand Prix?

Alexander Rybak: I met this funny little schlagergnome called Per, and the rest is history…

SBs: It’s probably a bit difficult with a violin but have you got a dance routine tonight?

AR: I know it takes more than a fiddle to impress the pants of you guys. I´m bringing some friends of mine, Sigbjoern, Torkjell and Hallgrim. Viking names for Viking dancers.

SBs: Fabulous! Will you have fireworks coming out of the end of your violin?

AR: Come on! That´s very 2007 when your Jenny competed.

SBs: Why didn’t you put a key-change in “Fairytale”? Didn’t you know all fabulous Eurovision songs have got key-changes in them?

AR: Of course I know, but with all due respect I leave that to the likes of Carola.

SBs: We’ve heard your family is originally from Belarus. Do you know Angelica Agurbash?

AR: I love her!

SBs: What’s your favourite Norwegian Eurovision song?

AR: “Juksemaker Pipelort” with the one and only Lill Babs. Sadly she came last. …in 1969.

SBs: Have you met any other Norwegian Eurovision divas?

AR: I´ve met Per and some others. You know, Hanne, Wenche (what the hell happened??), Maria, Bettan, Anita, the list goes on.

SBs : Have you done anything before MGP? Do you have any other music? What’s it like?

AR: I’m classically trained, so I’ve grown up with hardcore boys like Mozart and Beethoven. I´ll give you a concert when you come to Oslo…

SBs: No, thanks. What do you think of the other songs in this year’s MGP? Who do you think is your biggest competition? Velvet are fabulous! Have you met them?

AR: I. LOVE. VELVET. Would love to marry the sexy one. You know, the one who dances and sings.

SBs: Do you have a message for the readers of Schlagerblog?

AR: Dum-dum-diddle!

SBs: That is a fabulous message! Good luck tonight – hope to see you in Oslo!

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