Article: Fedje celebrated with Elisabeth and Alexander. March 24th 2009

Fedje celebrated with Elisabeth and Alexander.

Source:   published : 24.3.2009.
Text and photos by Hans Egil Storheim.

Found by Tessa Lande. Translation by Laila Solum Hansen
English revision by Anni Jowett

“Everything was cool!” decided Elise Blomvågnes (7) after the Grand Prix-concert at Fedje.
The answer from the seven-year old came after Elise and 400 others gave a standing ovation for Elisabeth ‘Bettan’ Andreassen and Alexander Rybak’s concert.

Together with their skilled musicians, the artists went around in the packed multi-use hall. And from the stage Elisabeth had given a clear attestation to the people of Fedje, who filled up most of the seats: – “Oh my…how you have struggled to raise the wreck of the submarine!”

This was just what the concert should be a celebration for. And the women of the campaign wanted to deliver some flowers to the two head figures straight after the concert. The ending of the concert was too hectic for it, but the performers got their flowers later in the evening.

Highlights lining up

Elise and all the other 400 people who filled the hall at Fedje, really got a great concert. Here came Elisabeth Andreassen with her melodic songs – some of those by Rolf Løvland – lining up, with professional music both by the band and by Alexander Rybak’s fiddle.
And the audience naturally got to participate in ‘La det svinge’ – the song with which Elisabeth, together with Hanne Krogh, won the international final in Melodi Grand Prix in 1985. ‘Bobbysocks’ was the group’s name then.

Good chemistry

The concert at Fedje was not the first the two Grand Prix-artists have held together. After 10-11 concerts the audience got to experience a band and primarily two artists who are very well tuned to each other. Everybody could see and hear that the two of them have a good chemistry and suit each other. Alexander Rybak performed also some lines in Swedish in the honour of Elisabeth – with Andreasson as girl’s name.

A responsive audience came along from the first tone and line after mayor Kristin Handeland had bid all welcome. From the first row she was among those who clapped and had a nice time, together with county leader Svein Alsaker and the mayors Jon Askeland, Astrid Aarhus Byrknes and Ole Lysø.
In the background Morten Øien and others who had done a huge job, could ascertain that all the technical things functioned as planned.

In the end came, naturally – ‘Fairytale’, the song that both the people of Fedje and many others hope, will make Alexander Rybak win in Moscow in May. Those who were at the concert are no doubt extra excited for the Norwegian’s hope to reach the top.

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