Article: “Famous artists paid tribute to women with breast cancer”. Sept. 27th 2012

Article published at 28.9.2012. Written by Christine Ferner Apalnes. Photos by Johanne Thorseth.

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Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Marianne Saietz. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn


 Famous artists paid tribute to women with breast cancer

More than 400 people took the trip to Bærum Culturehouse Thursday evening to see Tooji, Lise Karlsnes and Alexander Rybak play in honor of women with breast-cancer.
The three artists told that it felt special to get to play at the Pink Ribbon concert this evening.

-“This is a very close subject for me, since my aunt died of breast cancer. Events like this shows that things are in progress”, Tooji said before he started his show. The MGP-star played 3 new songs and the youngest girls in the hall screamed with a full heart.

Alexander Rybak also emphasized that this is an important issue for him. – “I have friends, who have survived cancer. We have to continue fighting against cancer and fighting for pink ribbons”.
He had brought 28 string-players from Bærum Young Strings with him.

 The income from the concert will go directly to the organization for women who had breast cancer surgery.


More pictures from the concert

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Musicparty: Charityconcert with Bærum Young Strings, Alexander Rybak, Tooji, Lise Karlsnes and Kristine Glennes Balletschool. Photos: Johanne Thorseth.

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