Article: “Excellent playing and play”. Review of Concert in Sør-Fron. Aug 8th 2012

Article published in Internet-issue of Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen 10.8. 2012.

Text and photos by Ervine Cathrine Ormeng.

Found by Tessa La. Translation by Marianne Saietz. Norwegian & english revision by Hilde M and Lillian Llewellyn


  Alexander Rybak and Kvarts participated, fulfilling the expectations. 

Excellent playing and play

Alexander Rybak and Kvarts participated, fulfilling high expectations.

Church concert in regi of Peer Gynt-Festival
With, among others, Alexander Rybak, Kvarts and Dennis Storhøi.
Sør-Fron Church.
Reviewed by Ervine Cathrine Ormeng.
The arcitectonic village-treasure, the Church-building, which has influenced life in Sør-Fron for the last two and a quarter of a centuries, made the most perfect setting for this masterly concert-experience, which was only set up once on the occasion of the Peer Gynt Festival 2012.
Inbetween – and accompanied by the music. Dennis Storhøi performed chosen acts from Peer Gynt.
With several of the best artists of Norway gathered in the same church-room, the expectations, of course, reached the ceiling.

The concert opened with an experimental new interpretation of “The Spring” by Grieg on organ. The interpretation did not catch fully and sounded rather off-key in the ears of the reviewer. From here and allthrough, however, both the playing and the play was a true pleasure and a memorable musical experience.
Playful and diverse.
The expression was diverse and the musicians looked – undisturbed- away from the borders between genres, as they ofen mixed classical with folkmusic, jazz with church-music and so on.
Rybaks performance as concertmaster was half childlike and clumsy,  half heartfelt and charming. As soon as he got the fiddle in his hands, he showed his unique talent as usual. The playing was impressive and litterally professional, right out to the leftt hands little-finger-tip.
The Peer Gynt of the year, Dennis Storhøi, performed his monologues in the spirit of Ibsen with huge conviction.
Play. Dennis Storhøi performed “Bukkerittet”
The Quartet Kvarts, which consists of Øystein Rudi, Jo Asgeir Lie, Erlend Styve and Ton Willy Rustad, have names without quite so high celebrity-factor as Rybak and Storhøi. Nevertheless, the Quartet was a sucess with playing that went right home with the reviewer – and the audience btw. Also the young talented saxophone-player Magnus Bakken is predicted to be seen more in the future.

 A name to notice

For all of us who are especially fond of folkmusic, Jo Asgeir Lie is a name to notice. Besides of his skills on the accordion, he is a brillant composer. Several of his compositions were present in the program of the evening and especially ” Vårvinden” sounded amazingly great. The final act was no less than the beautiful and well-known«Lær meg å kjenne dine veie» performed by Rybak and Kvarts.
This fragile and emotional piece of norwegian tradition could make the lips shiver on even the toughest villager.

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