Article & Videos: “Disco-boys”. Danish magazine “Billedbladet”. Jan. 26th 2012

Article published in the paper-issue of the Danish magazine “Billedbladet” no. 4, 26.1.2012.

Written by Dorte Quist. Photos by Niels Henrik Dam.

Found by Diana Kaia Magling. Translation by Marianne Saietz


Picture-text: Disco-boys.

Alexander Rybak partied with VMD ( Let´s Dance ) -Tobias Karlsson.

Norways heartbreaker and violin-player Alexander Rybak, 25, who won the international ESC in 2009, had invited his good friend “Lets Dance”- contestant Tobias Karlsson to Aalborg so they could party together.


The music and the atmosphere was high in the big Gigantium-hall during the danish MGP,  but the disco-rythms reached the same decibels in the foyer, when the afterparty started. While the winner, Soluna, got delayed because she had to give interviews and speak to a record-company, many of the other contestants entered the dance-floor.

S.O.A.P.- singer Suriya had a party with her friends in front of stage. The young X-factor-singer, Jesper, was surrounded for hours by young fans who demanded his attention and finally, some of the contestants were standing a bit away with a beer, to digest the victory that didn´t come. But as the night grew long, the mood rose to the same height as the music and it became late at night before the DJ stopped the record-player.

DMGP 2012 Afterparty: Interview by Radio International with Alexander Rybak

DMGP 2012 Afterparty: Interview by ESC radio with Alexander Rybak

English translation by Marianne Saietz

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