Article: Concert of Alexander Rybak with “Superbarna” at Children’s Day in Oppdal, 01.09.12

Article from “Dagen” magazine, published on 03.09.2012

Author: Hilde-Christine Brevik

Found by Ulli Cologne, translated by Tessa Lande & Laila S.H., English revision by Lillian Llewellyn

“Oppdal has the coolest youngsters”,- the artist Alexander Rybak siad from the stage during the show “Barnas Super Satuday” at Tågvoll in Oppdal. Saturday noon he performed together with Superbarna, which is s song group from Gjerdrum outside Oslo in the age between 4-13.

Rybak Highlighted At The Sunday School

With his fiddle and the winning song “Fairytale” Alexander Rybak gave a headlining performance to the Sunday School.

The Sunday School at Tågvollan Oppdal is the organiser behind the Children’s Super Saturday and it’s co-funded by Oppdal Christian Center. Every Sunday, about 30 children are gathered at Tågvollan in Oppdal to learn about Bible history and of Christian values.

– We want to focus on Sunday School, and what we can offer. It is a place where kids can come without feeling they have to manage anything,- the organizer Monica Strand says. She means there is too much focus on children to manage all the time.

– Children always have to show their skills. Whether it is in school, in sports or at home. With us, they can come as they are. Learn, play or just be together, Strand says. Magician Ruben Gazki opened the Children’s Super Saturday with a magic school for kids.
Outside the cultural center, the first children were in line already at 9.00. The doors opened at 11.00, and the children rushed into the great hall, with the expectation of learning magic and tricks they could show off to their friends and family.
Children and adults followed and engaged what the magician had to teach. Some had to have a little extra help and guidance, while others managed on their own. Gazki took the time to mentor children who needed it.
– Practice makes perfect,- he said from the stage.

The Magic Show
It was not only great dexterity and amazing tricks magician Ruben Gazki conjured out of his shirt sleeve. He also mastered juggling with balls, rings and swords and swallowed one torch after the other. To the audience enthusiasm.

– He looked like a dragon, said some of the comments from the youngest audience at the show. Gazki is a believale magician, and told about God when he made one of his rope tricks.

– God made you perfect, but sometimes things get broken, Gazki said, and got one in the audience to illustrate it with cutting the rope in half with scissors. – We can try to correct everything by patching it together, Gazki said, and tied the rope together.
– But Jesus makes us AS whole as this, Gazki said and conjured away the knot so the rope was just plain and nice again. After the magic show, many took the opportunity to do face painting, and prepared for what was going to be the highlight of the day.

Concert with the sovereign Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak and “Superbarna”.
“Superbarna” is a singing group from Gjerdrum outside Oslo, ALL aged between 4-13 years. On their latest album, Alexander Rybak plays along on some of the songs.

– It is the first time I perform on stage with “Superbarna” and it is great, Alexander Rybak says. The Eurovision winner thought it was great fun to be on stage in Oppdal at an event of the Sunday School. He himself has no relationship to Sunday Schools.

– I think it’s a good thing, but I have not been to any Sunday School myself. I’ve gone to school, and tomorrow it’s Sunday. I have no other relationship to it than that,- he says.

Tumultuous cheers
“Superbarna” opened the show with a song about music. They thanked Jesus for the music and danced and sang at full volume.
– Thank you Jesus for giving us the music,- the oldest of the “Superbarna” Mona Johansen Emilsen said. Eventually Rybak entered the stage, to tumultuous applause from many young girls in the audience. Some of them waited in line for an hour to get a place in the front row..

It’s so lovely to be in Oppdal. Oppdal has the coolest kids, Rybak said from the stage. Rybak played some of his own songs, and there was great excitement when he came on stage with his Eurovision winning song, Fairytale, before he finished by playing the fiddle on one of “Superbarnas” own songs.
Organizer Monica Strand said that more than 400 children and adults took the trip to the concert. However, a total of 500 children had been visited during the day.
– This was absolutely amazing. What a day, she says. She also says that this was tempting to repeat, and that she would love to arrange the Children’s Super Saturday next year too.
– It is important that something happens in our village. For children too. I come from Bergen, where I’m used to happenings every Saturday afternoon,-she says.
Strand ended the Super Saturday with a reminder of the Sunday school.
– Every Sunday from 11:30 to one o’clock we arrange Sunday School at Tågvollan. Anyone who wants, can come whenever they want – regardless of age or gender,- she said.

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