By the Sea – Kragerø Girls Choir and Alexander Rybak on boulders. July 26th 2012

Article published in the paper-issue of Kragerø Blad Vestmar 26.7.2012

Text : Maren Olava Ask Knutsen

Found and translated by Venche Mellemstrand. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn

By the Sea

Summer Adventure for girls choir.

If there was one thing we learned when Alexander Rybak gave a concert together with our choir, it was that he liked what we did.
And it did not take long before we again had contact with him. This time it was a reunion.
The idea was summer idyll, barbecue and singing in the archipelago (skjærgården), and that’s nearly how it was.
15 July, a little bit tired Alexander, came to Jomfruland with his violin hanging over his shoulder.

After a hectic week with a lot of traveling in addition to the performance of the summer show he did with Bettan and Didrik, it was no wonder that he was not in top shape.
Fortunately all it took was one night with a lot of sleep, then he was quite ready to meet both the oldest and the youngest in the choir.
We went outside where we first ate some lunch and then sang a few songs whilst we stood and wobbled on rocks right out at the water’s edge.
It began to rain a little bit when we were there, but fortunately that stopped quickly and soon the sun hovered high and round upon us.

After a walk with a lot of talk and laughter, we were on the beach where we decided to sing. It may sound idyllic that we stood on the island with the wind in our hair and sang “Summer on the waterfront” by Ketil Bjørnstad, but the whole bunch can probably vouch that it was very cold too! The time flew and before we knew it was time to return home on the ferry.
We all had an incredibly good time and hope for further cooperation with Alexander.

With violin: Alexander Rybak and Erle O. Ehnebom.


A video, recorded by the mother of one of the Choir-girls. Uploaded with permission of Alexander.


Additional photo, posted by Alexander on his official facebook-page.

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