Article and videos from the concert of Alexander Rybak and Sogn and Fjordane Symphony Orchestra (SOFORK). 15.01.14

Blossomed onstage with Rybak

Eight young violinists from Stryn culture school played last weekend together with Alexander Rybak in Sogn og Fjordane Symphony Orchestra (SOFORK)`s new year`s concert.

Text to the picture:  From the concert. Full focus!

Source: paper issue of “Fjordingen”, published 15.01.14. Author: Gunnhild Sindre. Photo: Mette Carlsen.

Found by Tessa Lande. Translated by Jorunn Ekre. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Selma Flo Munch from Hjelledalen, Nanda van Kessel from Blakset, Karen Ueland from Innvik and Astrid Lovise Hilde, Inger Anne Kårstad,Ragne Verlo Heggdal, Alva Verlo Heggdal and Mathea Carlsen (all of them from Utvik) were a part of SOFORK`s Young Strings project .

The young string orchestra talents belonging to SOFORK with soloist Alexander Rybak (middle of the photo)

– Young Strings is a project that is supposed to cover the whole county, to give opportunities to string orchestra students at the culture schools in Sogn og Fjordane. And also to recruit more strings to orchestras, says head of the board and administrative head of SOFORK, Arne Hammer to Fjordingen.

– This is a part of our concept, and we try to have Young Strings Projects regularly.


Musicians in Young Strings get the opportunity to be part of SOFORK in some productions so that`ll experience what it`s like to be a part of a big orchestra.

– The young strings have been to gatherings beforehand and then they got to collaborate with the soloist Alexander Rybak before the concert.” It was great seeing how they light up and really tried doing their best. It sounded great when Alexander had worked with them,” – says Arne Hammer.

Very satisfied- Soloist Alexander Rybak and conductor Michael Pavelich after the SOFORK concert in Sandane.

SOFORK is an orchestra that covers the whole county which began in its present form in 2003 after being inactive for 24 years. The Norwegian Culture School Council gave support to the project and the county administration followed up with administrative help and financial support, while the communities helped us with musicians and music teachers. Sogn og Fjordane Symphony Orchestra consist now of district musicians, music teachers, amateurs and students. The orchestra is supposed to be of inspiration to both the musicians and different parts of the audience, and the gatherings have been held at various places in the county. The concert with Alexander Rybak was held in Førde and Sandane.


“The experience with part in Young Strings was positive”, – tells violin teacher Mette Carlsen.

“Alexander is great with kids and he gave attention to each and every one. He made them blossom on stage with choreography and great performances,” – says Carlsen.

Young talent: Mathea Carlsen from Hjelledalen together with soloist Alexander Rybak.

The audience was pleased as well hearing the young strings, and the mood was extra good when the encore Fairytale was performed.

“The goal of Young Strings is to sow seeds that can start something new and develop. In that sense this project was a huge success. Alexander has sown a lot of good seeds,”- says head of the Board Arne Hammer.

Here you can watch some videos from the concert uploaded to Orchestra’s YouTube channel

Funny Little World

Europe`s Skies

Roll With The Wind


Viva La Vida

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  1. The namnet of the young violinist with Alexander is not correct, her name is Mathea Carlsen, not Selma.

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