Article and video: Alexander Rybak performed at the Christmas concert in Molde

Article published in the paper issue of “Romsdals Budstikke” on  29.11.13

Found by Tessa Lande. Translated by Anni Jowett. Revising by Jorunn Ekre.

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The artists (from left) Tor Endresen, Alexander Rybak, Marian Aas Hansen, Elisabeth Andreassen and Rune Larsen impressed with artistic professionalism during the Christmas Concert Silent Night – Holy Night

The calm before the storm

A peaceful Christmas concert with great musical range.

Author of the text and photo: Svein Magne Harnes

The frozen wind swept souls that blew into the cathedral on Wednesday night found a quiet moment to laugh at life’s storms.
Molde, Norway: Rune Larsen, Elisabeth Andreassen, Marian Aas Hansen, Tor Endresen and Alexander Rybak performed both together and individually a solid pre-Christmas program, packed with well-known and beloved Christmas carols and spiced up with more unknown material. The approximate 500 attendees in the cathedral on this windswept pre-Christmas night would hardly regret this visit.

The five singers and musicians were joined by solid backing on keyboards and guitar and Alexander Rybak’s violin gave an extra dimension to it all. The audience got to hear “Glade Jul”, “Joy to the world”, “Nå er den hellige time”, “Ledet av en stjerne”, “Mitt hjerte alltid vanker” and an entire round of other songs. Finally the whole Assembly sang “Deilig er jorden.” The veteran Rune Larsen led it all and tied together the program with short stories and comments bonded with the Christian message of Christmas.

Professionalism was characterised in all that the five artists did, and in a program committee that could have become too polished and superficial, the singers contributed with a credibility and solidarity that kept the concert down to Earth. These are the people who have been out on a winter night before.

Magnifying glass
– Christmas is the joyous festival,- said Rune Larsen, but added that it also works like a magnifying glass and magnifies both joy and grief. He talked about seeing stars in a puddle and exploration of the true values in life. So he sang a comforting song “Ikke en spurv til jorden” and admits that it does not give any answer to life’s difficult questions – but comfort. Then there was silence in the hall.

The artists ploughed the through a program that included everything from hymns to the gospel, jazz, classical, folk music and opera. They quite simply impressed with confidence, voice control, variety and harmony. A Christmas potpourri took off in the direction of Las Vegas but the quintet’s singing and coordinated genre variation must impress regardless.

Silent Night-Holy Night has kept going for 26 years and is considered to be “The mother of all Christmas shows” in Norway. The Concert tour was the first to travel around Christmas time with professional artists, and the concept has become a solid Christmas tradition. A number of well-known artists have over the years been involved in the tour. The tour is held in collaboration with the Strømme Foundationand since 2001, the Foundation has received well over five million Norwegian Kroner from the Silent Night Holy Night-tours.

The favourite: Alexander Rybak is one of her favourites, admits Linnea Halås Sandblåst (9), who received a big hug from her hero.

Linnea (9) sang with her heroes

Charming Linnea Halås Sandblåst (9) took to the stage with the stars during their closing number in the cathedral and afterwards she met her heroes along with her great-grandmother.

Molde Cathedral: It has become a tradition that four generations of family Halås Sandblåst attend a pre-Christmas concert during Advent. Linnea likes singing and music, and Alexander Rybak is one of the favourites.
– The whole concert was very nice and evocative, thought Linnea and Great- grandmother Nikoline Tverrfjell, and after the concert they both got a hug from Alexander Rybak and a good conversation with Elisabeth Andreassen and Rune Larsen. The highlight was to sing with artists from the stage, thought Linnea – Certainly a memory for life, says mum Mona Halås Sandblåst.

Here is the video with the glimpses from the concert in Molde

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