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Article published on 2012-04-08, 14:39

Text by  Viktorija Navickaitė . Photos by Luko Balandžio.  Link to original article here.

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Dominyka Kolenda

 “Eurovision” contest winner Alexander Rybak, who is visiting Lithuania, says that the Lithuanian representative Donatas Montvydas resembles George Michael

Easter Sunday afternoon, representatives from the Lithuanian media were gathered in the hotel “Dvaras’’(located in the center of the capital) where the recently arrived Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak (25) stayed. It was convened to a press conference, where the singer told how he feels about being in Lithuania, and what projects he is involved in back in Norway. Conversation about Eurovision wasn’t omitted either.

The Eurovision contest triumphed singer arrived in Vilnius on Saturday, where he intends to participate in LNK project “Lithuanian voice” final battle concert. Alexander will stay in Lithuania for two days.

When someone asked how Alexander spent Saturday evening in Vilnius, he was honest- Instead of having fun at night in the capital he had chosen to relax in the hotel.“ I just relaxed. We just had a ride in the city. I didn’t go out.- I stayed in the hotel.‘‘- the singer said. He complimented Lithuanians “Your people are very warm and friendly. I feel welcome here.“

When the Lithuanians on Sunday morning were gathered around the Easter table, and one after the other broke Easter eggs, Alexander’s morning was quite normal. After greeting the journalists on the occasion, he said that he celebrate the Easter holiday at a later date. “My family will celebrate Easter two weeks later, we are Orthodox. I hope I will be with them then. We are going to celebrate Easter in Oslo, Norway. We do not have special traditions – we just have a dinner and get together, “- the singer said.

Alexander arrived from Norway to Lithuania alone. He admitted that sometimes he would like to work with more people, but he doesn’t want to bother more people. “I travel alone. I think that artists are very lonely- I am too. I would love to have a team, but I don‘t want to bother other people with my schedule. The only thing that makes me glad nowadays are the smiles from the audience.”-the singer said.

A. Rybak admitted, though Lithuanians have welcomed him very warmly, that he doesn’t think he has many fans in Lithuania. ” I haven’t worked much in this country- I have worked in Scandinavia, Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia. I’m so happy when countries invite me, especially the country I haven’t visited for a long time. I feel really privileged when people trust me.”- he said.

“Eurovision” was exchanged by classical music

Though Alexander is until now remembered as Eurovision winner (this title he achieved by performing song Fairytale) the musician ensured that the impact of Eurovision has passed. Currently in Norway, he creates his own musical projects, while at the same time he is studying classical music speciality. “I’m studying classical music. It’s important for me – it’s more serious than pop music. This way I can show who I really am.”- the singer said.

A. Rybak admitted that nowadays he is more serious in choosing activities than he was before. ”In the future I will certainly record classical music album. I know I’m far away from Eurovision style. Now I have some time – and I can think about what I’m doing. Therefore my music is more valuable, thoughtful; I’m better prepared for performances.”- the singer said.

Donatas Montvydas resembles George Michael

Though Eurovision remained in A. Rybak past, he is still interested in this contest and he assessed very favourably this year the Lithuanian representative Donatas Montvydas “He resembles George Michael. I like him – it’s nice that you keep traditions. He is not original, but who said that it needs to be? ” He raised the question.

According to the singer, even very simply prepared performance can triumph in Eurovision song contest. “For example, the German representative Lena, who won, wasn’t original either, but the audience liked her. I supported her – I liked her. You can win without surprising everybody, “- A.Rybak says.

Singer emphasized that every performance quality is determined by singer preparation and sincerity.
“Standing on the stage, people love to see something natural, rather than something that is constructed in front of the mirror” – the singer considered.

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