Article: Alexander Rybak said “No” to one million Euro. Oct.11th 2012

Article published by 11.10.2012. Text: Hege Varsi. Photos: Stella pictures.

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Found by Tessa Lande. Translation by Marianne Saietz. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn.

 Alexander Rybak said “No” to one million Euro.

The artist would not date Ukrainian ladies at Ibiza.

Published at Dagbladet: It has been 3 years now, since he won both the Norwegian and the international song contest Melodi Grand Prix, but Alexander Rybak (26) is still terribly popular.
Especially in Eastern Europe, Rybak who originally comes from Belarus, has a huge amount of fans. A dating-program saw their chance to exploit that

Salary of 1 million Euro

During the Skavlan-recording this evening in Stockholm, it came out that Rybak has got offers of being a bachelor in an Ukrainian dating-program – at a salary a little outside the ordinary.
– “I am proud of much of what I have done, but I am just as proud of all, I have said no to. I would have got one million Euro” – the artist said to programleader Fredrik Skavlan.

The reasons for his turndown of one million Euro – ( around 7.4 million NOK ) were his girlfriend and other jobs.

– ” I would have had to work with women at Ibiza for 3 months ”-  he said cheerfully.

“ And that, she appreciates”? – Skavlan asks.

– ” We are not together anymore. But it has to do with image” – the artist answers.

Stolen childhood

At Skavlans, Rybak also told about getting a breakthrough in such a big competition as MGP, at such a young age.
“ It is not normal to start out so big. It is normal for artists to have a calm career-start. I was deprived of my childhood or the chance to do what I wanted. That, I will do now. I will allow myself to experiment”, Rybak says, a bit cryptical.

The ”Fairytale”-star admits, that at a point, there was a bit too much of “Alexander Rybak”, when Skavlan asks if he has felt over-exposed.

– I felt it before everybody else. In Russia, I was criticized for taking the subway, cause that was wrong to do. There, everybody fights to become something big, so that they don’t have to take the subway. Out of respect, one has to drive a limousine and wave to the public. A bit later, I did the same in Norway. That didn’t turn out so well.”

The Skavlan-broadcast with Rybak appears on Norwegian screens tomorrow evening.


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  1. Lastly, do not set too high of expectations for the date. You could be anticipating a person truly beautiful to enter the door and sit opposite of the table from you, but they could wind up being average looking. Mind you, still have fun and engage them in a lovely conversation about topics which you might have asked about from your friends and family members. For all you know, your date may wind up being a close confidante or even your best friend.

  2. the many women Alexander has encountered and conquered over the last few years has made him so much wiser and stronger….these days he just laughs.!

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