Article about Alexander Rybak’s performance in Novi Sad, Serbia. 21.08.2012

Article from, published on August 21st, 2012

Text by Lj. Popadić, Foto by Robert Getel

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Translated by Karolina Pavlov, revised by Lillian Llwellyn.

Alexander Rybak performed in the festival “Cantat Novi Sad 2012”


– Good evening Novi Sad, my name is Alexander, and tonight we will all have a good time, – said charismatic Alexander Rybak from Norway, after he sang the song “Something Stupid” with the singer Bojana Stamenov.

Young artist performed in the square of Novi Sad within the festival “Cantat Novi Sad 2012” and hundreds of people in Novi Sad enjoyed the several hours spectacle.

“Bajićevi slavuji (Bajić nightingales)” opened the show, as well as children’s choir, and Bojana Stamenov sang popular hits of foreign performers. However, the real euphoria among the audience occured when the young violinist showed up, who thrilled everyone present, with his songs and masterful playing.

“You’re a wonderful audience, I will remember this performance my entire life” – said Rybak, and then he took a little girl called Ivana from the audience and he sang “Can’t take my eyes off you” to her, gave her a bouquet of red roses and A few teddy bears. After he sang „Fairytale“, Alexander said goodbye to the audience with a statement that he will come back to Novi Sad if we want to hear him again.

– It’s a pleasure having a festival like this in the city, which shows that Novi Sad is really a capital of culture. I’d like to invite Novi Sad’s people to take advantage of 5 days of the festival and enjoy it to the fullest – said the mayor Igor Pavličić as he opened the festival.

The festival lasts till Friday, and people from Novi Sad can already enjoy from tomorrow, “Open singing” which starts at 7 pm, when the choir on the stage and the audience, all together, learn new songs, while the performances from 8:30 pm every day of the festival, are reserved for the competition „Cantat Talenti“.

– This year, everyone who thought they could sing, had a chance to present themselves. On the audition for the festival “Cantat Talenti”, which was held in the Radio cafe, from 50 registered contestants, 10 finalists were chosen who will compete till Saturday, when the winner will be chosen. The winner, has the opportunity to go to Brussels for a week, and will get a possibility to record his own song with an exceptional team of artists – said the spokesperson of the event, Teodora Tapavički. She pointed out that the number of finalists is getting smaller each day so there could be only 3 participants left by Saturday, one of which will win.

– Every day, based on the voting of the jury and the audience, by sending a text message “50 CANTAT *number of the contestant*” to the number 1310, supports their favourite contestant – concludes Tapavički. Special guests on the formal closing, on Saturday at 10 pm, in the „Katolička porta“, will be a vocal a capella ensemble „Glas ne žice (Voice not strings)“. This band is unique in this area, and the audience has already had the opportunity to hear them and see them this year as finalists of a reality-programme „Ja imam talenat (I have talent)“. The only instrument these musicians use is their voice, and the ensemble consists of 6 members – Bojana Radivojević, Tijana Murgaški, Dina Sajeh, Aleksandar Janošević, Siniša Mrkajić, Srđan Marković and Miloš Marković. The entrance for all festival events is free.

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