Article: Alexander Rybak performed for Turkish Police in Alanya

Article published on on April 10, 2013

Found by Ulli C. Translated by Marina Ageeva. English revision by Katie Anderson.


Police officers of Alanya were welcomed with a concert by the famous violinist Rybak.

Norwegian violinist, Alexander Rybak, who won Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 with his song “Fairytale”, played the violin at the ceremony held by Alanya’s Police Department to mark the 168th anniversary of Turkish Police.

As a part of the Project “They are our Countrymen”, created by Alanya’s Police Department and devoted to the 168th anniversary of Turkish Police, a reception was organized where the famous Norwegian artist Alexander Rybak played the violin. The reception was attended by Governor Erhan Özdemir, Chief Prosecutor Yener Yavuz, District Police Chief, Major Alper Çetinkaya, district chiefs of departments, heads of the security services, the police chiefs, and other invited guests.

Rybak held a press conference at a hotel before the reception, where he expressed the desire to make people happy by making music. On April 12 and 13, Rybak will perform at two different locations in Alanya, he will play pop, classical, and folk music at his concerts, said Rybak. He confirmed that after all these months he will finally play a pop-style concert in Alanya. To the question of why he was giving classical concerts instead of pop concerts, Rybak said he wanted to show that classical violin concerts can be played not only by older musicians, but also by young people.

There are about 600 thousand fans of the Norwegian artist on Facebook, 150 thousand of which are Turkish fans of the violinist. By the way, the income derived from the concerts will go to help the families of fallen policemen.

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