Article: “Alexander Rybak met his 28 year anniversary with children”

Article was published on 13.05.2014.

Author: Ekaterina Romanova. Photographer: Pavel Martinchik

Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. Revision by Katie Anderson


The famous singer admitted that he hopes to conquer the Belarusian show business.

The name  Alexander Rybak has been quite familiar for Belarusians for a long time – first, the winner of “Eurovision-2009” has Belarusian roots. Secondly, the guy appears in our country in almost every season, willingly participates in projects (he judged the last season of the “Singing city” on STB), and now he acquired a Belarusian manager. Besides Rybak, Andrey Guzel has the singers Larisa Gribaleva and Sasha Nemo, and the shocking project “Ms. Bride” on his team.

“In Russia, to be rotated on the radio you have to pay 100,000 euros!”

– I have been working on my Russian language skill for the last two years, trying to learn more about Russian culture.  After touring around the world a lot, I think I am ready to return to my birthplace, – says Alexander to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. – And then I thought it would be  best to start working in Minsk, in the city  whose show business supports me so much. Not in Moscow, where radio stations refuse to play my songs if I do not pay them one hundred thousand euros! I have had a manager in Ukraine for a long time, and now I have one in Belarus.

– Evil tongues gossip that such close attention to the Russian and Belarusian market is due to the fact that you are not too popular in Europe.

– I will never boast about my popularity. I just want to work all around the world, and not in the same style. I am a violinist. I’m a musician and I need a different job. I have had enough of it so far. For example, last year I was at home for just 12 days, but I don’t complain. My career itself is a great privilege. I’m not interested in ordering new singles for the radio from other authors. I like to write them myself. For me, for orchestras, for other artists – and people feel it and understand me perfectly.

– Just today you turned 28 years old, congratulations! How are you celebrating your birthday?

– I celebrated it the same way as the past eight years – I celebrate my birthday at work. Now I am in Baku. Yesterday I performed with talented children at A concert in the most prestigious concert hall in Azerbaijan

How have you changed since the days of your victory at “Eurovision”?

– I like that I move more and more away from the original format. For the last two years I have been working on my children’s musical. The original idea was to make the fairy tale in Norwegian, but I hope someone will be able to translate it into Russian. Besides that I constantly get ideas for new singles in new genres.

“If Russia was excluded from ” Eurovision “- it would be sad”

– As a person who participated in  “Eurovision” what do you think – how is the competition politically engaged? For example, this year the audience booed the scoring of Russia’s Tolmachevy sisters.

– “Eurovision” is the only event where people can forget about politics. All of Europe can unite in one big music festival. If Russia was expelled from the competition, I would be very sad.

– You maintain your privacy and assure that you do not need marriage. Why? Do you like the fame of a European sex symbol?

– Of course I do! But these are your words, not mine (laughs)! And a girl would hardly like to share my attention with all of Europe. Every girl deserves one hundred percent attention.


Last autumn the singer participated in the project “The singing cities”.

– Belarus considers you theirs, Norway and Russia – their own. Aren’t you annoyed by that?

– And thanks, Belarus, for that! I think that’s why I became an international artist, because I work in different countries – and I am considered their own everywhere.

– In one interview you said that you are interested in hockey. Will you be in Minsk during the World Cup?

– I am interested in hockey, but I have this whole month fully scheduled, so I won’t be able to come. I will watch hockey in some hotel.



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