Article: “Chronicles of the “Slavic Bazaar”. Alexander Rybak invited Europe to Belarus”, 12.07.2012

Article published on, 12.07.2012, 19:18

Link to the original article here. Text: Anastasia Solonovich. Photo: Alexander Klimov.

Found and translated by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Chronicles of the “Slavic Bazaar”. Alexander Rybak invited Europe to Belarus.

The Norwegian with Belarusian roots Alexander Rybak has become the first guest of the project “Star hour” on the XXI International Festival “Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk”. However, some journalists used the allotted time for questions to switch the attention of Rybak on themselves.

Known for his sense of humour Alexander Rybak wins us over with his sincerity and innocent jokes, and the musician always communicates with the journalists very politely, and if teasing , then it is good-naturedly.

Talking to media representatives from different countries on “Slavic Bazaar”, Rybak even admitted that he would like to buy a cottage in Belarus to visit his relatives more often. He said that in Vitebsk he has a six year old niece, whom he had seen only twice, but during their last meeting he gave her a ticket to an amusement park on her birthday.

The musician admitted that he really loves children, and in Norway he often helps children’s orchestras, whom he trains within three or four days of their concerts. In addition Rybak prepares for them special contemporary arrangements to show that the violin can be used unconventionally. Sasha said that for children sometimes he has to refuse, for example, corporate events in Moscow with a salary of 40,000 euros. And now he is engaged in charity also in Ukraine.

Two months ago Alexander Rybak graduated and now he is a qualified “master of the violin.” He told the journalists that he writes mostly “non-format” (*other than usually broadcasted on radio and TV), classical music, but sometimes he still wants to write songs that are suitable for rotation on radio stations.

The musician said that he selects a different repertoire for his concerts in the western and eastern-Slavic countries. “In Finland I sometimes sing in Finnish. In Russia and Belarus I have more Russian songs, “- he explained.

According to Rybak the Norwegian public likes it when actors come to stage without makeup and playback. “Here (in Belarus and Russia. – note of all want me to make myself up as the Snow Maiden and to take with me plenty of dancers,” – he said.

According to Rybak, Eastern European counterparts don’t compete with him , but on the contrary they often invite him to take part in their concerts. The Norwegian is particularly proud of the Alexandra Pahmutova’s proposal to perform her song “Old Maple.”

At some point in the queue of journalists who wanted to ask Rybak a question, a famous character in the Belarusian press – Herman Napolskikh appeared, who Sasha Rybak recognized too. Herman began his appeal to the singer by saying that he is known among journalists as much as Rybak himself, by that he tried to steal public attention. However, the journalists like Herman much less than the humorist Rybak.

Sasha himself usually jokes that it is his awkwardness that is often the cause of his hilarity : “Everyone thinks I say funny things, but really I just try to say something in Russian, and I don’t manage it.”

In general, Sasha believes that one should smile less to make every smile sincere.

After my concerts I always give out autographs, posing for a photograph, but I am always calm, – says Rybak. – When I see that after the show I have more pens than before, I know everything went well.

It has been noticed long ago that Rybak is shy of his Russian language, although in fact he speaks it fine. If he has spare time, he would try his hand at a movie, but for this, – says Rybak, you need to stay in Moscow for at least a year to learn the language well.

At the end Rybak decided to show off his knowledge of English. In Russian he said that he really likes Belarus and he wants the whole of Europe to come here. And to achieve this goal the musician called on journalists to say the phrase on camera: «Hello Europe. Welcome to Belarus ».

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