Alexander Rybak in concert with Prima Music School in Ytteren, Norway, 27.10.2013.

A full packed Ytteren Church was served an amazing concert with Alexander Rybak and Prima Music School.

Source: , published 28.10.2013.  Author & Photographer: Tom Storvik 
Translated by Tessa Lande. Revised by Anni Jowett

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Alexander Rybak and Prima Music School gave the audience “value for the money”.

The seminars on Friday and Saturday were all topped off with a concert in a packed Ytteren church Sunday night . It was so fully packed that some had to stand or sit on the floor. The concert was well set up with a mix of solo performances by Rybak, performances by Prima Music School only and performances by the music school and Rybak together.

Great mood

It’s not only classical music that can be performed as classical music, and that was clearly shown by Rybak with his performance of « Great Balls of Fire ,” which rocked just as much on his violin as on Jerry Lee Lewis’s guitar. Prima followed up with a lovely cover of Chris Medina ” What are words ” and shows an interaction reminiscent of a much more experienced orchestra. Both the audience and the musicians enjoyed themselves throughout the concert , and the mood was sky high when Rybak and Prima closed with “Fairytale” .

Proud father

Tare Steiro was one of the enthusiastic audience , his daughter Sunniva was playing the cello .

– I think it is an inspiration to others in the area . Five of my children are playing an instrument , although only one of them is in here today . I think it’s fantastic that Violetta Sørensen has got Rybak here for a second time , Steiro says before he, together with all the others in the audience, starts to sing along to “Fairytale” .

After the concert there was only praise  from Alexander Rybak , who was very pleased with how the concert and the weekend in general had gone .

– It was awesome . Everything was under control even if all were just a little nervous . And it must be said that although it was not exactly «Oslo Spektrum» or «Valle Hovin» , it was a really great experience for those involved, me included, Rybak says .

– I also felt it was a good experience for those who had come to watch. I have these kind of projects where I travel around Norway and playing with children and adolescents. For me it is important that they show the versatility of their instruments , and that was easy here, since you all already work with such versatility


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