Article: Alexander Rybak: “I want my own family”. Her&Nå, 04.12.12

Article in the paper issue of Her&Nå, published on 4.12.12

Photo: Stian Broch
Author: Philip reiler

THE CHILDRENS FAVOURITE: Alexander Rybak has a very special appeal on children.

Found and translated by Tessa Lande. English revision by Annie Jowett.

Alexander – bachelor and fiddler – I want my own family

Alexander Rybak has an absolutely uncanny way of relating to children and capturing their attention. Now he dreams of his own family as well.

The thrill at Slattum School in Nittedal is to touch and feel. Alexander Rybak (26) is this year’s Christmas present for the violin-playing children in the 6th grade. And when the favourite appears, the cheering will not end.
The children throw themselves upon him, and with charm and musical wit Alexander takes the teacher role as a matter of course. The students spent the fall practising “Fairytale”, and Alexander gives his personal tips and advice to the children, who sit like lighted candles.

– I get so much energy from children, and this is one of the absolute funniest things I do, smiles Alexander.
– So you try to keep the child in you?
– I do not really need to think about it. I feel I have a very good connection with children, which is of course a big part of my audience. Because of the good teachers I am where I am today, and they have been great role models for me, and that also makes  me want to be a good role model too.

SKILLED EDUCATOR: Alexander shows the children his personal tricks and give good advice in fiddling.

When he is asked if he would like to have his own family, the beloved artist says that his biggest dream is to become a composer.

– Then I will have the opportunity to settle down and have a family, Alexander says. But I love to travel around. But now I’m single, and so it is a bit different.

Throughout December, Alexander will be travelling around with the venerable Christmas tour “Stille Natt Hellige Natt,” and in addition he will release a Christmas album “Christmas Tales “.

So what does he do when Christmas is celebrated at home with mom and dad on Nesodden?
– Then I have Christmas breakfast, which my mom has made. It is a mix of Norwegian and Belarusian cuisine. And I dare not take the chance that they will broadcast what I want to see on TV, so now I’ve ordered “The Muppet Christmas Carol,”- he says.


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