Article: Alexander Rybak at the dance show in Dokka, 22-23 Oct. 2011

Found on the local Dokka newspaper (24.10.2011) by Tessa Lande. Translated by Laila Solum Hansen.

By Trond Lønstad

A FAIRYTALE: Alexander Rybak sang and played Fairytale, while the children sang and clapped

DOKKA: The Tomle-Svendsby sisters and the more than 100 dancers made a big show at the cinema, with Alexander Rybak as a guest artist.

You just have to take off your head gear and bow to the dust over the commitment, the glow, the dance happiness and the scene radiance that was shown during the dance show ‘Fairytales – still dreaming’ . The show has had four packed performances at the Dokka cinema during the weekend, with 1500 enthusiastic spectators. This was just awesome. You have to go far to find something as good as this! The response from the audience after the show was unambiguous. An ecstatic audience got on their feet and gave the more than 100 girls and boys at the stage standing ovations. And the judgment was clear: Dokka and Nordre Land have a fantastically good dance milieu. Basta!

SPECTACULAR: The two hours long show was packed with spectacular dance numbers.

Rybak guest artist

Alexander Rybak was guest artist in the show, and even if he had a rather humble role, the audience was on to the last clap when the entertainer was in the front, and Rybak himself was very satisfied after the show.

– It was great fun to participate in this show. These girls are fantastically clever, and everyone at the stage did a brilliant work. It’s tempting to re-do it, a very happy Alexander Rybak said after the show.

The Tomle-Svendsby sisters were also shining like the sun after the dance show.

– We are unbelievable satisfied and happy. The fact that 1500 have seen the dance show is just fantastic, the sisters say smilingly, and can very well enjoy this very sweet candy for a long time.

Alexander Rybak was without doubt a big number in the show, and both danced, sand and played the fiddle, but the radiance and the joy that all the local dance heroes showed, make them the real big numbers.

A dream voyage

PIRATES: The dance show had also scary pirates.

This became a really spectacular and fantastic voyage into the world of dreams. The show is a follow-up of the show the girls put up in the spring last year. It really has the outline of a targeted and hard work, and was very well choreographed down to the smallest detail. The Tomle-Svendsby sisters have done the main part of choreographing most of the numbers, but had got ideas and suggestions from the other dancers.

The show had it all, and the creativity and fantasy of the costumes and choreography was great. What do you say about robots doing magic, creepy guys with long noses and eyes round as balls? – Or a shaking Homer Simpson humming across the stage. – And a tremendous trio from Denmark, showing raw muscle powers and a body control that most people only can dream of. Summersaults and demanding C-moments were ingredients in a breathless dance number.

A fun number was done by some of the parents. Sporty, they went to the stage, to a 6 on the dice. At least. Many of the municipality’s best singers were also in action, and especially Anders Myhrvold showed a solid class.

Grande finale

After two hours of a excellent stage show, the audience waited for the big finale. And it arrived. When Alexander Rybak got it going with ‘Fairytale’, the audience exploded, while all the dancers danced onto the stage. An an announced extra they sang ‘Til Ungdommen’ – with Norwegian flags and empathy. There were many drying a tear then in the audience.

The three sisters Tomle-Svendsby , all in the beginning of their twenties, have been dancing as long as they can remember, and now they have managed to create a fantastic milieu of song and dance aropung them. More than 100 children and young people from pre-school age till up in their twenties enjoy the sisters’ enormous efforts. And the three girls, who sacrifice almost everything for the dance, have their future plans ready. They want to make a living out of their big passion. They are already on their way.

To all dance enthusiasts at Dokka and in the district elsewhere we can only say: We are looking forward to the continuation!


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