Article: Alexander in Vilnius 11.09.13

Author: Astra Petkūnaitė

Translated by Erika Jasiūnienė. Revised by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak revealed his hidden side for people in Vilnius

He played the classics with the Chamber Orchestra

On Wednesday, people assembled at the Vilnius Picture Gallery courtyard for the finale of the Christopher Summer Festival concert, where together with the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra, under the baton of Donatas Katkaus, Alexander Rybak appeared.

The winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest appeared on Wednesday evening in Vilnius, not as pop music representative but as a serious musical artist. The singer has played the violin since the age of five and during the concert he demonstrated his talent. “Good evening, beautiful people” – Alexander Rybak went on stage, welcomed the Lithuanian audience and performed the song “Europe’s Skies”


“I am Alexander from Norway, and what are your names? I’ll count to three and you tell me your name! Well, now we are acquainted. I am very pleased to be here and to play with this orchestra, I would like it to be mine, because you’re very good, “- the performer communicated with the audience and the orchestra in both English and Russian languages.

There were a lot of fans at the Vilnius Picture Gallery courtyard on wednesday, the guest Alexander Rybak received applause and all swayed together with him.


“After I won the Eurovision Song Contest, I did not want to forget my roots. Even though I am a pop music artist now, in my heart I am a lover of classical music “- Alexander Rybak confessed to the audience, and soon demonstrated it by playing classical music, for example, the “Summer” part of Antonio Vivaldi’s piece “Four Seasons” .

“Good evening, we would like to play two pieces“, –the St.Christopher chamber orchestra director and conductor Donatas Katkus said in English, so he proved that as well as Alexander he can even speak in several languages. Presenting the pieces he also spoke in Russian, and thanked for the applause in Spanish.

To see all the pictures from the concert, visit this gallery.

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