Article: Alexander gives Interview to the magazine “Gwida”. Malta. Nov.6th 2012

 The article was published 6.11.2012 in the biggest weekly magazine of Malta “Gwida“.

Written by Frederick Zammit. Photo by Oliver Vanhoutte

Re-written by Marianne Saietz and Mary-Ann Hansson

“Eurovision gives me energy and inspiration” – Alexander Rybak.

Frederick Zammit chats with the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest winner, Alexander Rybak ( Fairytale ), who talks about his latest music release, Leave Me Alone, also broadcast on Radju Malta´s 90-minute weekly Eurovision program Euromix on Friday 9 November between 20.30-22.00

What is your new single Leave Me Alone all about?
“It´s called Leave me Alone. I have a stalker after me, who is from Israel. She is calling me 70 times a day, she is scaring my friends and this summer, she was outside my parents house for many days. I thought “if you can´t beat them ,join them”, so I made a song about this crazy woman and now I get to experiment with a new genre ( It´s a dance track ). And she finally gets attention, so everybody´s happy”

After Eurovision you have also been to Malta. What were your impressions of our island and do you intend to be back?
“I love the Maltese people. So lovely and I feel so welcome. I have some very good Russian friends there and I hope I will make even more friends next time I visit the country.”

Do you still follow the Eurovision?
“Definitely! I love the competition an I try to have a reason for visit the international ESC every year. It gives me energy and inspiration to write more music.”

Was Fairytale a dream come true?
“You mean the song? Yes, I have always dreamed of showing my talent to the world. But after ESC I had many different concerts and I must say it doesn’t depend on how big the audience is. The most important thing for me is to be great on stage, to give happiness to people.”

Do you follow Eurovision in Malta? Are there any Maltese Eurovision singers that have impressed you during the last few years?
“I really liked that young guy from last year. Mix his personality with Chiara’s voice and Glen Vella,  you have a winner.”

You’ve also been on the Swedish version of Let’s Dance and made it to the top 4. Was it easy for you to keep up with the dancing moves week after week?
“That was just a personal experiment. Lots of hard work but I won’t complain. Each year there are thousands of “Dancing with the Stars” contestants each year. Easy likeable, easy forgettable.”

You are still young and definitely have lots to offer. Would you return to Eurovision? Or would you say that your Eurovision experience is over and done with?
“Although I may be young, I already try to establish myself as a composer, not only an artist. I think I will participate in ESC many times in my life, but not on stage, just as a composer.”

What’s next for Alexander Rybak? Any more singles or albums in the pipeline?
“Yes, of course. Next year I will have a tour, and I hope to involve as many countries as possible.”

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