Alexander Rybak at the Prima Music School Seminar


Rana: This weekend the Prima Music School organized a seminar for their students with Alexander Rybak as an instructor, which the students enjoyed very much.

Text to photo: Driving force: Violetta Sørensen is the main person behind getting Alexander Rybak to visit the Prima Music School for the second time in three years.

Source: Paper issue -Rana Blad 29.10.13
Author and Photo: Tom Storvik
Translated by Tessa Lande. Revised by Katie Anderson.

More pictures from the seminar and concert HERE

Violetta Sørensen is the driving force behind the Prima Music School, and the one that managed to get Alexander Rybak as the guest instructor for the second time in three years.

“My daughter is a violinist and has worked with Alexander before. When she heard that he wanted to work with culture and music schools she was quick to let me know.So we got Alexander here for the first time two years ago. At that time it was only the strings that could attend the seminar, but now we have opened for guitarists, pianists, and even students who play drums so more people will be able to participate,” Sørensen said.

Picture source: FB page of Prima Music School

Satisfied students and parents

Four guitarists sit and wait to be handed their diplomas. Carl Muller, Christian Lindegaard, Stian Nygård and Lars Berg have come all the way from Sandnessjøen to participate at the Prima Music School. They are impressed that Alexander Rybak has taken the trip.

“It’s very cool that he could come,” Carl says, before Lars adds that “It is great they managed to get him there.”

Satisfied students: Christian Lindgaard (15), Carl Muller (16), Stian Nygård (16) and Lars Berg (16) had taken the trip from Sandnessjøen to participate in the seminar.

“He’s a celebrity, so it’s very inspiring”.

The boys will be part of the concert in Yttern church, and are very much looking forward to it. They also say that even though they may not have learned much about their field that day, they have learned a great deal when it comes to interacting with strings and pianists.

“It is very nice to get to play at the concert, and of course it is something we look forward to. A highlight,” Carl says.

Picture source: FB page of Prima Music School

“We have also learned a lot when it comes to playing with other artists on instruments other than our own.”

Another person who is happy with how well the seminar went was Brynjar Kulset, father of two of the students, and one of those who has worked as a volunteer in the parent committee.

We have worked a little bit with the practical implementation and helped where we could. It’s a very exciting seminar, and I got the impression that those that are here have learned a lot about working together. It is also really exciting that Alexander Rybak has taken the trip. I think it is a great joy for the student to be taught by someone who has had such a big success.

 Diplomas: Alexander Rybak handed out both high fives and diplomas when the seminar was over.

Third time in Rana

The main person himself, Alexander Rybak, was very pleased with how things had gone.

“It’s really fun to do things like this. I have implemented several similar projects around Norway, and have noticed that it is a little different from place to place. Here they prepared themselves very well. And it’s not often they make as much out of the event as they have done here with various music performances, an evening party and such nice students.”

 This is the third time Alexander Rybak has been a guest in Rana. The first time was due to “Verket” in 2009 and the second time was, as already mentioned, when he visited the Prima Music School’s seminar two years ago.

(2011) Picture source: FB page of Prima Music School

“I have been looking forward to coming back to Northern Norway again. I participate in the third season of “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” (Every Time We Meet), and I met Anneli Drecker there, who is from Northern Norway. She was really nice and I got the impression that Northern people are pleasant in general.

After the seminar diplomas were awarded to students, and flowers for instructors and volunteers. Rybak had only good things to say as he handed out the flowers and diplomas and praised the parents who helped, the students who had made it such a wonderful weekend, and he gave a special honor to Violetta Sørensen, who in his eyes had manage to surpass the previous seminar.


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