Article about upcoming concerts with Alexander Rybak in Selje. Fjordane tidene, 18.11.11

Article found, scanned and translated by Tessa Lande


Journalist: Kari Midtgård Råsberg

Local musicians and singers in Selje is now ready for Saturday’s two concerts with Alexander Rybak.
Tomorrow we will be ready for a musical meeting between local cultural resources in Selje and Alexander Rybak, the winner of the international Eurovision Song Contest in 2009.
Rybak became internationally famous after he won the competition with the song Fairytale, which he has written himself. He also got the award «Fiddler of the year» the same year.

For several weeks, about 35 people from the local culture in Selje have rehearsing for the concerts with Rybak on Saturday, with the organist in Selje, Jon Inge Sigerland as musical director. Alexander Rybak has followed the rehearsal process from Oslo, says the initiator of the concerts, Gerd Kjell Haug Berge, director of Selje Hotel. Tonight is the dress rehearsal with the last finish, and Saturday Rybak will be on stage with the local “heroes” in Sunniva hall at Selje Hotel.
Rybak is a demanding musician and without Jonas Inge tremendous efforts, this unique collaboration would not happen, Gerd Kjellaug Berge says.

Sigerland tells that he several years ago played with Alexander Rybak at Barratt Due Institute of Music. Now they meet again for a joint concert .
They who are included in the concert is the choir “Frisk Bris”, a brass quartet, 4 girls who choirs, and a band consisting of Geir Stjønum, Bjørn Inge Berge, myself, and William Mitei.

-We have practicing a lot, and now it begins to be fine, – Sigerland says, when we talk to him on Thursday.

This is some of the local singers and musicians who wil be on stage together with Alexander Rybak in Selje.

We’ve had fun with this. We could of course hired professional people, but one of the points was to make the concerts a local project and utilize local resources. -Rybak also wanted to play with local people,- Sigerland says. He adds that he has seen that many have raised to new heights musically while they were working on this project, and that is extra nice.

If everything goes according to plan, Rybak playing the violin to Bjørn Inge Berge’s area hit “Komme det som komme må”,- he says. It will be two family concerts on Saturday afternoon, and it is still possible to get tickets. Rybak will also be present at an inspirational practicing for culture school students in Selje on Saturday.

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