Article about the shooting of Alexander Rybak’s new music video

Article was published on  20.05 2014

Author:  Marius Rosbach. Photograph: Kristian Skeide

Translation by Tessa Lande. Revision by Anni Jowett. 


Alexander Rybak in the middle of local musicians at Stadt

 Shooting scenes for “How to Train Your Dragon 2”

Local young musicians were invited on Friday noon to be extras in Alexander Rybak’s latest music video, which is now being filmed  at Vestkapp.

There are nine young string players from Herøy and three from Ørsta. All are students at Herøy kulturskule.

It was Rybak himself who contacted Ålesund Orchestra School and received the names of  the culture school students. All the musicians have been former students at the annual orchestra school and previously  been taught by Rybak.

 On Monday they were filming from a helicopter, and Tuesday they will be filming on the ground.

Girls with heartbeat 

– This is a great experience for them to join in on. Especially for these young girls who get completely racing hearts, but they calm down when they get to meet him. Rybak himself is so down to earth and calm, says the teacher at the culture school in Herøy, Alexandrine Longva Kopperstad to

–  Beforehand they thought that there were many who would be with him and play, but then they were only a small group of twelve people.

– It is long days for the students. First, they get up at six in the morning to go to school, afterwards they work until late evening.

DreamWorks movie 

The song they are helping to film, will be involved in DreamWorks’s latest movie, “Dragetreneren 2″(How To Train Your Dragon 2). This is an American animated film in which Alexander Rybak has given the Norwegian voice for the main character, Hiccup.

The song will have “the last word” in the movie and will be heard while credits roll at  the end.

– With superb weather, the “Storhavet” (Big Ocean) just beyond, steep cliffs with clear-blown vegetation as a backdrop, everything was set for great recordings from the helicopter. But first they had to rehearse with a brand new song no one had heard before. Alexander himself instructed and asked for long bow strokes, smiles, light dancing steps and excessive pleasure in good animation style, says Kristian Skeide, who was present during the shooting on Monday.

Tuesday afternoon there will be ready to shoot again, but now without a helicopter. The close up scenes are next.

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