Article about the premiere concert of Alexander Rybak in Alfaz del Pi, Spain. 14.11.2013

Published at on 15.11.2013

Author: Marianne Kirkebø Myren

Found and translated by Jorunn Ekre. English revising by Katie Anderson.

Alexander Rybak delivered the goods during opening night on Thursday

 Sold out opening for Rybak`s family show

The two 10 year old girls, Malin Kvinge Aalen from Sogndal and Vilde Wendel Nyberg from Alfaz del Pi, participated in the dance during a furious stage show last night. They’ll remember this for a long time.

– We’ve been practicing the folk dance we performed for three weeks,- Vilde Wendel Nyberg proudly says to Spaniaavisen after the concert. Along with her friend Malin Kvinge Aalen, she’s a member of the dance group “Dans Favor” which focuses on Norwegian folk dance. Both children and adults are in the group, which has regular rehearsals at “Alfaz del Sol” in Alfaz del Pi. The girls closed the Rybak concert with acrobatics while wearing national costumes on stage. So it was probably helpful that they both taken gymnastics before.

Yesterday there was a sold out house at Casa Cultura with both Norwegians and Spaniards in the audience. Rybak obviously has fans of all ages. We found both old and young people in the seats here, mostly Norwegians and Spanish people, and this was what the promoters had wanted for the Spanish-Norwegian days. We got to see an energetic Rybak who also made some funny jokes now and then, but spoke Norwegian and English during the intermissions. As always a lot of wonderful classical violin playing from Rybak. He impressed people with “La Ronde de Lutins” by the Italian composer Antonio Bazzini, and added an unexpected and funny transition into “Great Balls of Fire” on violin. Try topping that!

Alexander Rybak was extremely satisfied with the effort in the dance by the two girls, Malin Kvinge Aalen (10) from Sogndal and Vilde Wendel Nyberg (10) from Alfaz del Pi. The two young women are members of the town’s folk dance group “Dans Favor”.

– There are so many talented children,- said an impressed Rybak after the dancers of “Dans Favor” and the equally capable kids from the dance group “Streetwise” from Albir were done. Around 50 kids and teens from the Norwegian School in Casa Blanca were backup singers and enjoyed themselves a lot onstage, too. Their joy was transmitted onto the audience.

Lydia Hoen Tjore was very impressive with both “Solveig’s song” from “Peer Gynt” and Spanish and German happy songs. The 19 year old is already one of the biggest talents among classical Norwegian singers in Norway and has recently been accepted into the singing course at the music academy in Copenhagen. The direction of the show worked well, and the pianists Stefan Zlatanos and Siegmund Watty also deserve applause. The last show is held tonight at 8 pm at Casa Cultura, the Culture House in Alfaz del Pi.

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