Article about the concerts of Alexander Rybak with children’s orchestra in Nittedal

Published in a paper issue of Varingen on 26.3.14.
Journalist: Liv Seiff
Found and translated by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett.


FIERY. Alexander delivered fiery and well, and pulled the young string players enthusiastically with him.

Frenetic strings and wild virtuous Goblin dance.

Twice they filled up the Bjarntesaula. Alexander Rybak and 140 young strings. A Fairytale.
– It was an incredible amount of people. This is almost the test of whether we need a cultural house or not, I thought beforehand. Rybak is coming, are the people from Nittedal interested? And they were,- said Torbjørn Olsen, the leader of the workgroup “Rybak”.

“Owned” the audience
For two days they have attended a seminar with Rybak, the youth, all oganised by the Nittedal string orchestra. On Sunday everything would be presented with pride, along with no other than Alexander Rybak. And a really stately feeling it was, with over 140 strings and a flirty, musical super talented Alexander Rybak on stage.
– Now you can start clapping,- he entered the stage smiling and had the audience in the palm of his hand from the very first second.

Orgy of sound
The kids filling the stage alone at first, impressive so many. The youngest left the stage, and then follows a tight and good programme with a common theme  – the beautiful Bergrosa-Rybak songs with tempo. “Always A Woman”, “Hungarian Suite,” “Dagdrøm”.

And two real highlights: “Clair de Lune” is beautifully tender and sad. Performed with empathy and closed eyes. “Goblin Dance” in an orgy of sound. Fast, wild and strong. The bow hair looked like a piassava broom afterwards.

1979688_734011899964212_184879323_nDELICATE. Delicate and beautiful “Clair de Lune” was followed by the frenetic and intense trapeze number “Goblin Dance”.

Fiery first rate

Young Miriam Nerheim gets to be the proud violinist in a lovely “Always A Woman” by Billy Joel with the star himself. The chamber orchestra Romus take charge  and deliver a fiery first rate version of “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”. The audience are so engaged and easily ignited, today applaud wildly at the musical range. And then there is the grand finale with all on stage. Gentle warming up with “Roll With The Wind”, before they all finally get the adventure they’ve been waiting for “Fairytale “. Some of the audience are guaranteed smiles now.

Very difficult
– Great, very much fun for a teeny tiny string orchestra to play professionally with lighting and sound and a real artist. Two very great concerts. What impressed most is that he is an insanely talented violinist. “Goblin Dance” was absolutely fantastic. How hard can you play a violin,- says Torbjørn Olsen. That the principal conductor in the Nittedal String orchestra agreed on.

10153803_734012249964177_1435606526_nFUNNY. Young cellists were allowed to frolic with “… all the lonely people”. Fun to play with Alexander Rybak and fun to get to know more people,- says Jon Trygve Nerheim.

Had to put a stop
It is one year since the parents of the Nittedal string orchestra decided to invite Rybak for a seminar. And to invite more. And the registrations poured in. From Eidsvoll, Nes, Fet and Skedsmo.
– We’re only 37. Fun if it gets to 100, we thought. When we had 140 participants we had to say stop,- said a delighted Grønset, who boasts the parents for their fabulous effort.
– This is an economical big boost for the string orchestra, the parents should have all the glory. It would have never worked without them.

Pop songs rehearsed
– For the kids it was great. That was probably why we were so many. He really included them all. And was very concerned with the youngest.
And his pop songs were rehearsed in advance.
– Everyone has taken it seriously and worked well with the material beforehand. Even when we met on Friday it sounded fine,- said Ellinor Grønset. -And he says such nice things that make it even better.

– He is very clever with kids, took them by storm. He is one of them. He knows how it is to be small and a string player,- Torbjørn Olsen nodding.


ACROBATICS. How can a violin not be played on? The oldest were allowed to ravage the violin in imaginable and unimaginable acrobatic variations. Miriam Nerheim in the middle.

Rybak in the wind
– Our idea behind it is that there are not that many role models. There is only one Alexander Rybak. He is a motivational factor for the young boy that sits there with his violin. That it is possible, that you can be just as good if you want to. And others want to play. Strings do not play boring music, this is the extreme version,- says Olsen.

– This was very funny. I am very satisfied. We have really succeeded. Fun to have such a great seminar,- said Ellinor Grønset. And there must have been more than only parents who attended. Rybak is a bit in the wind right now. There were also many who came for the concert experience.

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