Article about Alexander Rybak’s performance in Karlshamn, Sweden, 24.07.2012.

Article published on 25.07.2012.

Written by Jens Olander. Pictures by Lena Ehring

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Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Ingegerd Claesson and Tessa Lande

Attendance record at Rosegården

Rybak was back.

And the violin virtuoso made a new success for the attendance record at Rosegården.

The Eurovision Song Contest winner Alexander Rybak took the city theater by storm earlier this spring. Roughly half a year later he was back with a new triumphal in Karlshamn.

About 2-3 thousand spectators were present at the sing-along at Rosegårdenn – far more than “Lill-Babs” [famous Swedish singer] attendance record last year.

– Wow! Hey! Rybak said at first sight of the crowed.

Then the main character stroke/moved his bow on Snäckan stage so it sounded like fine scalpel cuts through the park. And not only Anders Jonsson, one of the organizers of the entertainment company, enjoyed in broad terms.

– We’ve got a really good contact with Alexander’s Norwegian manager – a “fast lane”. And we’re thankful for that. This is a thoroughbred professional, Jonsson said about his second successful Rybak booking in a short time.

After the sing-along numbers “Musik ska byggas utav glädje”, “Ta mig till havet”, “Oh boy” and the delicate “Nu är det gott at leva” delivered in the sunshine, the Belarusian-Norwegian Rybak started with Mats Paulson’s ”Visa vid vindens ängar” – introduced as “the most beautiful song in Sweden.”

Then came the equally Paulson-written “Resan till dig” to a moving audience, and “En fattig bondedräng” together with the “stars” in Nøjeskompaniet.

Though everyone of course waited for Fairytale from 2009. And shortly before 21 o’clock it came, as a final of a somewhat fabulous summer evening. The jubilation echoed over Rosegården. Afterwards there was a signing, which Alexander Rybak seemed to take care of  just as frenetic and desire fully as he stroke/moved his bow.”

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