Article about participation in Belarusian ESC video 13.03.2013


Found by Maria Dmitrieva. Translated by Julia Bezbakh. Revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak supports Belarus at Eurovision

Rybak arrived at the meeting with Alyona with a bouquet of white roses.

The winner of “Eurovision” of 2009 – 26-year-old Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak said that this year he will actively support the country he was born in – Belarus. Especially for this occasion the singer-violinist, who became famous in Europe with his super-hit Fairytale, co-starred in the music video of singer Alyona Lanskaya, who this year will perform at “Eurovision” representing Belarus.

The shooting of the video for the song “Solayoh”, with which Lanskaya is going to conquer Europe in the competition in May, has just finished in Turkey. Alyona’s team arrived there in full force, headed by the director of the video – famous Turkish music video maker, Sinol Kormaz. Lanskaya’s hit is stylistically filled by oriental themes, this is why it was decided to shoot the video in Istanbul.

Lanskaya gave "Alenka" chocolates to the countryman.


Alexander Rybak arrived in Turkey for a day by the personal invitation of Alyona and her team. He took the main role in the “futuristic” video – A guest who arrived on the planet, the name of which – is Alyona’s song itself (Solayoh). As found out that the very famous Rybak’s violin, which he won “Eurovision” with, will appear in the video. By the way, Rybak refused to take any fee for his participation to the video.

Alex flew to Istanbul, having bought an ordinary plane ticket in economy class. He asked the organizers to pay only for the travel expenses of his fiddle – 40 euros. Rybak confessed it’s a great joy for him to help his compatriots. Before moving to Norway the singer’s family had been living in Minsk for 6 years, where Sasha’s grandmother and his sister Julia still live.

Lanskaya and Rybak talked a lot in between filming. On their first meeting Sasha arrived straight from the airport and Sasha captivated Alyona at once with a beautiful bouquet of white roses.

– I admire you, you are a very talented and beautiful girl! And I’m really happy to support you! – Alexander charmed his compatriot. – Belarus is my homeland and I wish good luck and fortune to it. This year, you have a great song, and I feel, at least, we all hope for a miracle – that Belarus will be able to reach the final of the competition. Maybe a top-five, and maybe even in the top three, or maybe it will be able to win? You never know! You know, if I was among the jury, you would have immediately won!

Overwhelmed by such warm supporting words, Lanskaya also gave present to Sasha – Belarusian chocolate “Alenka”.

– Your picture should be placed there. – said Rybak, looking at the chocolate box.

There will be belly dancing in Lanskya’s show at Eurovision.

The Music video of Alyona Lanskaya starring Alexander Rybak will be released soon. By the way, the Belarusian singer’s song is praised by the bookmakers – The hit “Solayoh” keeps steadily in the top ten favourites along with Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands and Russia.


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