Article about collaboration between Alexander Rybak and Marija Šerifović

Article published on on June 7, 2013

Author: S. Dobrosavljević

Found by Ulli C. Translated by Karolina Pavlov. English revising by Katie Anderson.


Alexander Rybak is a guest on Marija Šerifović’s album

Norwegian singer, Alexander Rybak, stayed in Belgrade the last few days, regarding a collaboration with Marija Šerifović. This 27-year-old violinist and singer, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow in 2009, recorded a song with the Serbian singer which will be released on her studio album. Even though everyone expected the ex-Eurovision winners to cross voices, Rybak will only perform as a violinist.

On Friday we saw the talented musician and Marija in the hotel “Holiday inn”, before his return to Norway. Rybak had only words of praise for Marija, and he told “Novosti” this about the collaboration:

– I’ve never had enough strength to talk about everything in my career. I love meeting talented people, because that’s how we help each other. The most important thing about the collaboration between two people is the artistic spirit. Marija is not only an entertainer, she’s much more than that. I expect our song will be listened to. This is the first time that I’m in Belgrade, last year I was in Novi Sad. I’ve gotten wonderful impressions, the audience and the people here are really great.

Marija and her guest spent most of the time in the studio, so they didn’t have much time for fun. She says that because of all the obligations she didn’t even have time to take him for kebabs, but she promised that next time she’ll make sure that the Norwegian musician gets to know Belgrade, and that he enjoys the nightlife. She even revealed that she tried to get him to marry here, but without success.

– The time has come to mark 10 years of my career, and for me to share all the important things that have happened to me with the audience. The point of everything is that people realize, “who is Marija”. The whole project, book, film, and album, is called “Ispovest” (Confession). Everything will be there. I am not a shocking person, I’m someone who tells the truth, and who will be touched by that, we will see, – says Marija.

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