Article about B.A.D. show in Norwegian “Drammens Tidende” 17.01.13

Source: Paper Issue of “Drammens Tidende”
Author: Svein H. Torgersen

Picture-text: “A trio with energy”, VG wrote in their review of Alexander Rybak, Elisabeth “Bettan” Andreassen, and Didrik Solli-Tangen’s summer show in Tønsberg.

Quote in the middle of the text: “I think people would be disappointed if we didn’t play our Grand Prix-songs.” -Didrik Solli-Tangen

Summer Show Became Winter Tour

Found by Zhanna Sergueeva. English translation by Mary-Ann Hansson. Revision by Katie Anderson.

A Trio With Energy.

In the middle of the coldest winter period, Bettan, Alexander, and Didrik want to defrost the audience in Drammen’s Theater with their summer show.

The show was meant for two intense summer weeks in Tønsberg, but the response has paved the way for more. When the trio enters the stage this evening they initiate a mini-tour of 12 concerts.
-We made small changes from the summer show, but it is essentially the same one, says Alexander Rybak.
-Anyway, there is a big variety, Bettan continues.
-We change from solo sections to acts together, in genres from classical music, to Grand Prix-songs, to something a bit more humourous. The audience will get something new from all three of us.

What the audience and the critics were shown in Tønsberg in the summer, was highly praised and the dices showed high numbers.

Connected to Grand Prix

Those three are incredibly connected to Grand Prix, and they promise to deliver Grand Prix-material this time as well.
-I think people would be disappointed if we didn’t play our Grand Prix-songs. They have to be included, says Didrik Solli-Tangen.
Bettan and Alexander have worked together regularly since 2009, while Didrik was included this summer.
-We got confirmation in Tønsberg last summer that this works fine, says the 25-year old.

After being occupied with different things of their own since summer, they managed to find some time for a little “summer tour”, that lasts until February 8th.

-The concert tonight was quickly sold out, but we scheduled an extra concert on Sunday evening, says the marketing manager of the theater, Vegar Foss Andersen.
-There are still tickets left for that one.

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