Article about Annsofi’s performance at the Semifinal of MGP. 26.01.13

Article by: Ole Johansen and NTB

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Found by Tessa Lande. English translation by Hilde M. Revision by Lillian Llewellyn.

Annsofi: Annsofi participated with “I’m with you” at the MGP semifinal in Floro Saturday. Photo from rehearsal before sending.

Photo: Alf Vidar Snæland / NTB Scanpix

Totally insane!

– Thank you all who have voted. My dream is to go all the way to Malmø, says the girl from Sarpsborg (18) who was the first to be ready for the final in Floro Saturday night.

Her role models are Tina Turner and Janis Joplin. She has heavy backing from Fredrikstad people: Kenneth Gutterup, JP Paulsen and Einar Kristiansen is her local producer team. Manager Dag B. Solheim needs no further presentation in

– Both Turner and Joplin is a bit rough, and does what I want to: awake emotions in people,- said Annsofi Pettersen before she, as the second song of the evening performed Rybak’s song “I’m with you” in Florø.

The MGP participation has hardly sunk in with her.

– I get a kick. It’s a little scary, but MGP is something I’ve always dreamt about,- said Annsofi, who buttered up the audience in Florø after she had performed Rybak’s song.

– Florø is just absolutely wonderful!

First ready

The 18-year-old, who is also a student at ST. Olav VGS in Sarpsborg, was one of three that passed through from the semifinal in Florø to the MGP-final held in Oslo Spektrum 9 February.

She was the one of the artists who received the third most votes from viewers who could vote via SMS. Fjellfolks dramatic song “Ulvetua” based on a legend about a young pregnant woman who was taken by the wolf, got the second most votes. The lyrics and melody is by the trio’s own Trym Bjønnes. Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby, also known as Hank, did not make it in the competition.

Margaret Berger got most votes. She performed her song in a stunning white creation – which received compliments from the presenter Jenny Skavland.

Margaret Berger’s “Feed You My Love” by Karin Park, Robin Lynch and Niklas Olovson was clearly the most praised performance among the many who tweet about the broadcast.

Most other of the seven participants got at lot of pepper sour singing. NRK confirmed to NTB that there was nothing wrong with the technical equipment.

9th February it clear who Norway sends to Malmö in May.

Fills buses

– We need to mobilize UP until the final in Spectrum.

Annsofis manager, Dag Solheim ensures that the buses are as good as ordered. They will be filled with spectators from Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad to cheer for Annsofi on 9 February.

Then her mentor and songwriter, Alexander Rybak, will sit “ringside” too. Saturday, he was on tour, and Annsofi just briefed Rybak on the results from Florø by phone. When gets her on the phone:

– We have to work hard towards the final in Spektrum. We can not do exactly the same there as here in Florø this evening,- she says, and looks forward to go to school at St. Olav Monday:

– Yes, it will be a change, but school is school – this is a job.

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