Article about Alexander’s song for MGP, “I’m With You” and Annsofi Pettersen.

Authors: Sebastian Nordli/Trond Øyvind Karterud

Found by Zhanna Sergueeva. English Translation by Anni Jowett.
Revision by Tessa Lande.

Annsofi Pettersen was visiting NRK Østfold on Monday morning
Photo : Espen Torgersen/NRK

When you pass through to the final, there is always a party.

Annsofi Pettersen went on to the finals of the MGP this weekend. But what will happen at the final she dare not predict. Hear the interview with the MGP finalist.

– I’ve been singing since I was three years old. To be an artist, you have to have something that nobody else has. That’s the whole point, says Annsofi (18) when she visits NRK today.

And it seems like the MGP audience feel exactly the same. On Saturday the Norwegian population voted the Sarpsborg girl through to the national final.

The final is at Oslo Spektrum 9 February, in approximately two weeks. The young girl will spend this time to get her voice in shape.

– What probably best characterises my voice is that I have a rough and slightly hoarse voice, but at the same time manage both the high notes and the slightly deeper parts.

– But now I’m extra hoarse after a weekend without sleep. I tried to sleep a lot before Saturday, but when you pass through to the final of the MGP, there is always a party afterwards, she says.

Got support from Rybak.

The song ‘I’m With You” is written in collaboration with former Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak.

He contacted Annsofi while she was still only 16 years old and participating in the Norwegian version of the TV show X-Factor.

– I was a bit star-struck when I read in the papers that Rybak said that I was the best singer in the program. He came to the hotel and had some run throughs with me before the semi-finals. He became involved and helped me to pull the right cords and bring out my talent in the best possible way, says Pettersen.

How has it been working with a former champion?

– Now I begin to see him as a normal person. But I’m aware that he has a name.

Annsofi is ready for MGP. But the outcome of which she dare not predict.
Photo: Espen Torgersen/NRK

Does not have full control

In about a little more than two weeks, it will be time for the national final in Oslo Spektrum. There is still one semi-final before that, but six artists are already clear.

In addition to Annsofi – Margaret Berger, Fjellfolk, Gromth feat. Emil Solli-Tangen, Datarock and Vidar Busk are already clear. Already a group of strong competitors, according the Sarpsborg girl.

– There are so many strong contributions that have gone on, not at least Margaret Berger’s song. I realise that people think it’s super cool. I am not 100% sure it will go all the way. There are so many different people who have passed to the final, all genres are represented at a high level. Anything can happen once we are there.

– The formula for a winning song changes from year to year. One cannot say that one song is better than another in advance. But it would be really nice to get to Malmö!

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