Article & Video: Alexander Rybak to participate in “Battle of Choirs”, Lithuania

Surprise: A. Rybak sings with the charming I. Jankauskaite

The source 13.03.2013, photo by © DELFI montažas

Translation by Erika Jasiūnienė, English revision by Anni Jowett

This Sunday, March 17th, at 19.30 direct from TV3 – is the fourth largest-scale musical project “Battle of Choirs” show. In the project six choirs remain – one of them will meet their fate this Sunday. Most of this Sunday’s interest will be on – “Battle of Choirs” guest – the 2009’s Eurovision winner, Alexander Rybak arrives especially from Norway for the TV3 project.
The singer promises not only to perform for the “Battle of Choirs” viewers, he will sing with the show’s presenter Inga Jankauskaite, but also to take a position of a jury member.

“Alexander Rybak – is a very enthusiastic and responsible person – he has sent our choirs his creations in advance, so that all choristers can rehearse them, and soon he will also come to rehearsals. The singer admires choir music – he participated in a similar project in his country“, – says “Battle of Choirs” executive producer Neringa Kavaliauskienė.

This Sunday, TV3 viewers will have a lot of surprises. “Although Alexander Rybak admits that the famous „Fairytale“ is far from being his favourite song, but he knows how to please his listeners, so on Sunday we will hear this song. And the song will have a new sound. Our Guest prepares another song for the viewers which he still keeps a secret“, – continues N. Kavaliauskienė.

By singing with the show’s presenter Inga Jankauskaite and occupying a jury seat, will Alexander Rybak follow footsteps of Martinas Kavaliauskas and for one evening be the “Battle of Choirs” presenter, the show’s producer has left this intrigue a secret.

In the“Battle of Choirs” Vaida Genytė Police Choir; Panevezys city, Indigo Choir with Vytautas Matuzas; Druskininkai city, Diamond Choir with Anatolijumi Oleiniku; „Šarka“ and of Vilnius Chequerboard Choir; Kaunas city, Student choirs with “16 Hz” and Stano Homeless Choirs Spindulys will compete . Voting “Battle of Choirs” for free. It will be just a phone call, not SMS. From one phone for one choir it will be able to give only one vote.

The teaser video

Found by Ulli Cologne, recording by Julia Bezbakh

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