Article about Alexander Rybak’s participation in Vestlandsfestivalen in Bergen, Fanaposten 11.02.14

Published in the paper issue of “Fanaposten” on 11.02.14

Author and photographer: Kent Roar Nybø.

Found and translated by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Signs autographs: Alexander gave many autographs to the young musicians this weekend.

Adventurous reunion with Rybak

NESTTUN: Next week Alexander Rybak is playing in New York and visits the Senkveld boys in Sochi. The reunion with Nesttun strings in Bergen is just as big.

– Can we get your autograph? 
– Can you sign on my arm? 
– Our teacher also wants an autograph! 

Alexander Rybak captivated the members of Nesttun Young Strings this the weekend – as he did when he played a concert with them in October 2012.

Played together: Rybak was in a great mood when he together with the big orchestra concluded sunday’s concert with the songs “Funny Little World”, “Roll with The Wind” and “Fairytale”.

Joyful reunion 

The “Fairytale” star visited Bergen as a guest artist at the “Vestlandsfestivalen” in the Grieg Concert Hall. Many orchestras took part in the concert, including Nesttun-strings. In addition to playing with the celebrity at the Sunday’s concert, there were many hours of joint practising over the weekend. Some of the band members also met Rybak in Fana cultural centre when he arrived in Bergen on Friday afternoon.

It’s nice to see him again, – says ten year old Viktoria Andersen after she got an autograph on her violin.

A fairytale meeting Rybak again.

Signed the violin

She even brought along some friends who were not playing in the orchestra, so they also could meet, get an autograph and take a photo with the artist, who won and set the points record in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009.

It was really nice to play with him in 2012, and it will be this time too, – says an excited Viktoria.

Eleven year old Bjørn- Ivan Løbrot was not in the orchestra the last time Nesttun Young Strings played with Rybak . He is brand new. Alexander Rybak however, he knows from before. He asks Rybak to sign his violin to sign his violin, and the artist responds of course with a “yes” .

– It was ” Fairytale ” that got me hooked on the violin. Alexander Rybak is an idol. Therefore, it is pretty cool that he signs my violin. I’ve thought for a while that I wanted to ask him about it, – says eleven year old.

IDOL: The Rybak song Fairytale was the reason why Bjørn-Ivar Løbrot (11) started playing the violin

But also Rybak thought it was fun to meet the local kids again. The fact that he is going to play with children in New York and visit Senkveld studio in Sochi next week, did not make this weekend less important – quite the contrary.

– It doesn’t matter if you are playing in front of 40.000 or 1.000 spectators. This is at least as important as Sochi and New York. In ten years, no one will recall that I was part of a TV show. They will reminisce about that I was in their neighbourhood and helped their neighbour to hold a violin. This is important for the reputation. The others are just career, – says the artist that this spring you will be to watch on the TV screen in “Hver gang vi møtes.”

Commuted for Bergen each month.

Bergen Nesttun holds an important place in the 27-year-old’s heart.

– I have always loved Bergen. Now the suitcase is my second home, but Bergen was for a long time my second hometown. I have attached Bergen to my heart, – says violinist. In his younger days he was concertmaster of the “Youth Symphony” for four years. Then he commuted from Oslo to Bergen one weekend a month.

I was mostly with people I was familiar with in the orchestra and I stayed at Haukeland and with comrades at Nesttun, – says Rybak.

CENTRE POINT: The children in Nesttun Young Strings very much appreciated the visit from Alexander Rybak.

Star weekend 

Sunday’s meeting with the Nesttun-strings in Bergen was a great session – for both big and small.

– It’s nice that they’re such a good driving force, and they let the kids work together and make sure they do good concerts. I have travelled a lot around the country with my own project, and I have noticed that I always get everything served on a golden plate in Bergen, – says Rybak. And the young strings were equally pleased with the weekend as the great violinist.

– It’s a great experience to get this close to a celebrity like Alexander Rybak. Last time I saw him was when he won the Eurovision Song Contest, and he is a very clever and inspiring musician, – says 15 year old Silje Askeland Steen.

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