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 Inspiring to be a part of!

In eight weeks we have been able to enjoy good artists, fun and seriousness  in TV 2’s “Hver gang vi møtes” (“Everytime we meet”). The youngest participant, Alexander Rybak, found the whole experience unique.

Source: Coop Magazine, Published April/May 2014  Author: Tine Flinder Nyquist. Photo: TV2
Found by Jorunn Ekre. Translation by Tessa Lande. Revision by Anni Jowett

In program series  “Hver gang vi møtes”  seven well-known singers and songwriters travel on “a cabin” trip where they interpret and sing each other’s songs. This year we have been able to follow Alexander Rybak, Øyvind “Elg” Elgenes, Lars Lillo-Stenberg, Anneli Drecker, Sigvart Dagsland, Simone Eriksrud and Samsaya. There has been a lot of beautiful music and many moving moments. For Rybak one of the highlights was that “Elg” was so visibly touched and thrilled by his performance of the song “Lucky one”.  Glossy eyed the experienced “Dance with the stranger” singer rose up and gave Alexander a good hug with the words: “I’m the lucky one.”

– It was the best reaction I could get. As an artist, I like that the music I play triggers emotions in people, smiles Rybak.

I’m a perfectionist and wanted this to be very good.

Much more than “Fairytale”

It is five years since Alexander Rybak played himself right up to the top of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Fairytale”. Since then he has continued to “break into” people’s hearts with songs like “Europe’s Skies”, “OAH” and “Roll with the wind.” He has already succeeded in establishing himself as an artist with far bigger reach than the pop song Fairytale. Not at least, the young artist was both surprised and impressed his followers with more melancholic tunes, like “Abandoned” and “13 horses”. The latter song is about thirteen horses that fall into the sea and swim and swim till they drown.

– This is actually my favourite song. In  “Hver gang vi møtes” Sigvart Dagsland translated it into Norwegian. I’m eternally grateful to him. Finally the song  gets the big audience it deserves.

– Were you surprised to be invited to join “Hver gang vi møtes”, or did you think it was about time?

– I was surprised that someone other than me thought that it was the time I joined, chuckles  Rybak

– Finding your own version of someone else’s songs, practising  them and recording them must have required quite a lot from you?

– I’m a perfectionist and wanted this to be very good. I fussed on the editorial staff many times a week, both in terms of choice of songs and rehearsal with the band. I am one of those types who like to seize opportunities, often very hard.

CD on sale now 


“Hver gang vi møtes” was recorded last summer at Vestre Kjærnes Farm in the Valer municipality outside Moss. A peaceful place – far from people and everyday pursuits. For ten intense days the seven artists stayed close to each other and shared thoughts, songs and experiences.

– I knew none of the other artists personally from before. Becoming familiar with them, I experienced as extra nice! It often happened I got stars in my eyes during the stay, smiles Alexander.

– Traditionally there is made a CD with about 25 selected tracks from “Hver gang vi møtes”. It is already available  in Coop stores across the country. What do you think about that?

– It is a great pleasure for an artist to get the opportunity to reach out to so many. And if someone misses a few of the songs from the programme, it’s nice to know that they exist digitally as well.

– You are a versatile artist, who besides music also works with film, theatre and dubbing. What are your plans for this spring and summer?

– There will be summer concerts, musical, new single, festivals in Russia and Europe, and school music projects in America. In addition, I will be dubbing the  “How to Train Your Dragon 2”, and not the least; working with my upcoming CD for children. It is revolutionary good! Can you write that?

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