Article about Alexander Rybak’s concert in Mersin, Turkey, 15.04.2013.

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Found by Ulli C. Translation by Esma Sahin. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Александр Рыбак возбудил Mersinlim

Alexander Rybak winner the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 gave a concert at the University of Mersin in the 19th year of the festival of sport and culture, it was an unforgettable evening for Mersin.


The concert took place on the football field at the University of Mersin. Before the concert the dance and gymnastics group from Mersin University  presented a show. Alexander Rybak started his concert with the song “Fairytale” that made him win the Eurovision Song Contest.

Александр Рыбак возбудил Mersinlim

Alexander draws attention with his friendly attitude, was on stage for 2 hours. From time to time, Alexander went to his fans for hugs, thousands of fans were accompanied by the songs. Participants  immortalised the concert with their phones and cameras.

Александр Рыбак возбудил Mersinlim

You can watch some glimpses from the concert in this video

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