Article about Alexander Rybak’s classical concert in Tromsø’s Cathedral – 19.10.2011

Found and translated by Tessa Lande. The concert was held on 18.10.2011. The article comes from the paper issue of the newspaper Tromsø, 19.10.2011

Journalist: Christer O Pedersen

Photo: Tom Benjaminsen
(Scanned by Tessa Lande. Post-processing by Yannis Pap.)

For the first time in two years the winner of ESC performed a classical concert.

This is the first time I do a classical concert since I won the ESC, and I thank you for the support”, Rybak said after the concert. There wasn’t a single tune from Fairytale or a single halling throw in the church last night. Instead there were classical pieces by Vivaldi, Händel and Tchaikovsky on the set list to the popular violinist. Rybak played from Händel’s Organ concert in F-dur, from Tchaikovsky’s Serenda and from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons*.

Sven Nyhus

And a small Norwegian element, which Rybak had arranged for orchestra,  “Bergrosa”. “It was great to add Nyhus to the concert. It was very nice”, Ragnhild Steen said, who visited the concert together with her grandchild. She liked what Rybak and his collaborating orchestra the did, consisting of musicians from Tromsø and St. Petersburg with the concert master Anna Chizhik. “It was a great program with a variety of music, and he does have temper, that young man”, she says.

The Church Festival

The concert was a prelude to Tromsø International Church Music Festival which starts this weekend. There will be a series of classical concerts and a lot more. This was the first highlight of many, pastor Kjell Y. Riise says to the newspaper Tromsø: “Among other things, the concerts and worship services with music by, among others, Mozart, Bach and a lot of female Baroque composers. Later this fall there will be concerts with hymn writer Elias Blix and composer Adolf Thomsen”, he says.

* According to Sara Anja, who attended this concert, Alexander didn’t participate in the performances of the Händel’s and Tchaikovsky’s pieces.

6 thoughts on “Article about Alexander Rybak’s classical concert in Tromsø’s Cathedral – 19.10.2011”

  1. @Jay Twistin. I haven’t read this article in Norwegian, but if they used the Norwegian word “Temperament” = “Temper” it was probably ment in a positive way meaning he played with intensity and feelings

  2. In his post yesterday he said “My first big classical performance in a long time”.
    And at Rommen, Uranienborg and UiO he played only single parts. Yesterday he played all the movements in Vivaldi’s Summer (3) and Winter (3). Perhaps he had that in mind?
    And he did perform a bit non-classical music yesterday, too -- All I do is dream of you.
    But more important: The classical concert yesterday was beautiful!

  3. That looked strange to me too, but maybe he means that this is the only purely classical concert in 2 years, since he didn’t perform non-classical music as well.

  4. It`s incorrect that this is the first classical concert he has done after he won the ESC.What about the concerts at Rommen and Uranienborg church in May this year? And what about the performance he did with the Vivaldiorchestra and Thomas Stanghelle earlier this month?

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