Article about Alexander Rybak in the paper issue of “Fjordenes Tidene” 25.11.2011


Met their idol: Some dreaded, other lookes forward to it, but Alexander Rybak’s relaxed style made that all the Culture School students left the Inspiratory Lesson with and increased self-confidence.

Text&photo by Svanhild Breidalen

Found by Olina Novikova and translated by Tessa Lande

The most important thing is that you sing what you want to sing, not what your teacher wants you to sing., This was the first hint Alexander Rybak gave to the Cultur School students in Selje at the Inspiratin lesson before the concert last weekend.

The about 15 young people from the Culture School in Selje, who were going to meet Alexander Rybak at the inspiration lesson were actually most excited, but became more and more nervous as time went on, and Alexander didn’t show up. But suddenly they heard a “Hey, I’m Alex,” and with a pleasant greeting round to each and one the ice was broken.

Despite a few glances at the clock now and then, the famous artist took himself plenty of time for both individual customized feedback to students, at the same time he was talking more in generally about his own experience of being on a stage.


Master Class

The students were nervous before they performed in front of Alexander, and it was talked a lot about how to deal with the butterflies that come when you were going to perform.

– You sing great, but Amanda, you stand and hold on to your stomach the whole song through, and Jannicke looks like she will make advanced decorations of the lyrics she hold”,- he said to Amanda Nalbant Nordpoll and Jannicke Myklebust, which made the girls laugh high. “It’s okay to be nervous, but then you must try to hide it. Just stand wide-legged and sing out, pretend you’re not nervous. And smile to the audience even if they do not always smile back. That’s what i do,- Rybak says.

Alette Nygård palate cut was praised for having a great and distinctive voice, but like the others she also had something to pick up when it came to body language to match the way she sing.

– It looks like you sing easy, but you sing really very advanced. And it is certainly much better to look down on the floor than to be high on the bulb, but one doesn’t need not look like you are preparing to start knitting either,-  Alexander joked and got a smile from Alette.

Go tougher

Next one out was Reidun Leivdal, who sang the classic “Fly Me to the Moon”. Rybak said she had to be tougher.
“Be angry. I think you have been too nice all your life. Just scream out, it does not have to be nice! ”
I promise you that it is not pretty, Reidun answered, who gave everything in the next attempt.
Malin Reknes played guitar and sang “Price Tag” by Jessie J.
You sing really well, but you can try to play with a little more rock guitar, said Alexander took the guitar and showed.
Also Elise Solevåg was praised by the singing of “What are words” by Chris Medina. After a few rounds with Alexander, she also showed significant improvement in the song.
It was useful advice, and it seemed like it was easier to sing while he was playing, Elise smiled, who confesses that she was terribly nervous.

Close encounters with fans

Alexander Rybak loves meeting his fans, and he often set aside time to meet young people engaged in culture. I think that is very important. I’ve traveled a bit around Europe and seen a lot of unculture there. In Norway, we’re good at taking care of the joy of it, but we may have to be a little better at discipline. And that’s where I feel that I eventually have something to offer, he says.
Do you recognize yourself in the youth in Selje?
Yes, very clearly. I am only 25, it is not so long ago I was a teenager himself, he laughs. But it also gives me positive energy to meet young people like these. I am an only child, you know. ‘, he adds.
Alexander is focused on positive correction, even though he was both clear and directly with the Culture School students. For him, it is important that young people should have faith in themselves. “No one shall be dragged down in the mud,” he says, and will instead focus on what they can.
All were very good. They can sing, they just have to dare to be themselves., Stand with your feet planted on the earth and communicate, he said.

Grr! You have to be a little bit angry, andit doesn’t need to be nice, Alexander said to Reidun, and he got a response to that.







Useful and fun

After the lesson Culture teacher Unni Eltvik Hovden was very happy.
We could have gotten responses like “No, I dare not.” But it did not happen. Everyone did their best, she smiles. Both she and tjenesteleder for Culture and Business in Selje Municipality Anita Otneim Hoddevik hope this is something that can be done later.
And the students themselves “were on fire”. “He was cute. And very handsome as a person. Much better than expected, and very musical”,- says Malin.
– I liked that he was so honest with us, he just said how it was,- Reidun said.
I seem to notice that the “sound from the chimney” has a different sound from just like Alexander Rybak “just a little” before the lesson?
– Yes, for now we are familiar with him. It gives a completely different feeling,- the happy girls says.

Rougher: Malin song “Price Tag” with Jessie J. and was praised for her voice, but she could rock up the guitarplay a little, due to Alexander

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