Article about Alexander Rybak in paper issue of “Her & Nå” 18.03.14

Loved by the people and popular: Alexander Rybak has indeed experienced the downside to being a celebrity.

Author: Lars Gautned. Photo: Morten Bendiksen, TV2

Found by Tessa Lande. Translation by Jorunn Ekre. Revision by Anni Jowett

“I start rumours about myself”

Rumours and falsehoods have been rampant in the international  press about Alexander Rybak after he won the Eurovision Song Contest. Now he tells the truth. 

After he won the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow in 2009 Alexander Rybak has experienced the downside of fame. Alexander who is half Belarussian isn’t just a big star here in Norway, but he`s also a superstar in Russia, which the viewers of TV2`s show “Senkveld from Sochi” could experience.

The violinist has graced the covers of many Russian Magazines. And they have presented the wildest stories about him, amongst others that he has fallen in love with different women.

– They behave totally different in Russia than in Norway. That’s why I do different things in Russia and Norway,- Alexander tells “Her og Nå”.

– How do you really feel about all the remours in the Russian Magazines? 

– To put it like this, my management and I start many of the rumours ourselves. The press over there ask a lot of strange questions, and I have to give answer with something. It’s a part of the game in Russia, and so I don’t deny any of the rumours either,- he says laughing.

Immediately after the victory with “Fairytale” Alexander’s encounter with the media in the Eastern part of Europe came as a shock. The young guy was asked thoroughly about loosing his virginity, drug abuse and homosexuality.

Sought after subject: Rybak is a sought after subject for the Russian press. Now he talks about how he himself started rumours about himself.

– Tell us about the first time you had sex,- asked the Ukrainian 

– When I was young,- Rybak answered.

– Well, how young?

– As a young man.

In addition to being asked about what he thinks of child abuse and smoking, he also had to emphasize  that he likes women, not men.

Alexander, who has been traveling a lot lately, tells “Her og Nå” that he is glad he is living in Norway.

– I behave differently here in Norway, and I am myself over here. I`ve stayed for a while in the US and have been travelling a lot, but it’s in Norway I feel at home. It’s probably healthy for me to live in Norway,- tells Alexander.

Alexander will be seen every Saturday in “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” on TV2.

– I am very proud of the fact that they asked me to take part in the program. It’s definitely an honour. At first I was surprised. I thought I may not have enough hits to join it, now afterwards I feel it turned out well,- he says.

– We, participants, became good friends and had a very nice time together. There were lots of great days and a very good atmosphere.

Celebrity overnight: Alexander Rybak took the world by storm when he won the Eurovision Song Contest.

Of current interest: Last weekend we got to hear Rybak’s story and experience his musical universe.


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