Article about Alexander Rybak in Estonian magazine “Ohtuleht”. 19.01.13

Article by: Katharina Toomemets
Published on Jan. 19, 2013

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Found and translated by Anglesina Est. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak is in trouble with a crazy fan: she calls me 20 times a day and sends 40 letters!

“Everything began with one phone call which I answered. That girl got my number from one of the dancers – she told the dancer she knows my grandmother and that she has some kind of medicine for her “tells the musician Alexander Rybak about one of his fans, who has bombarded the young man for three years already with daily phone calls and e-mails.

Alexander Rybak, who brought victory to Norway by winning Eurovision Song Contest on 2009, and who is performing tonight in the club “Teater“, has captured the crazy fan, who is a woman in thirties from Israel, in a song called „Leave me alone“.

In the song he tells how he is drawn into a sick game, which he didn’t know existed before and how someone is terrorizing him, scaring him to death. The song also tells, how someone scares his mother, father, girlfriend and is waiting by his door early in the morning. The main message of the song is a plea to this someone to leave him alone and find someone new to start playing with.

Has been talking to the woman too much

“At that time I was just a naive guy, who wanted many girls to have his number”,- tells Alexander. “I thought she was just one of the fans, who attends my concerts, but soon I realized she is not at all like the others. After two weeks I told her, I don’t understand a word she is saying or what she wants from me and I gave her my e-mail address. That was a big mistake”,-tells the man, who today receives about 20-30 phone calls and 40-50 e-mails daily from the woman.

What does this woman write and talk about on the phone? Alexander laughs and says he doesn’t want to put her down too much. “I think, the music video was enough already. But yes, she has done everything – even threatened my parents”,- he admits. “And this is where it stops being funny. I chose this life and I know that all kinds of different people belong to this business, but my parents didn’t choose it.”

To the question – has Alexander also met that fan face to face? he says without hesitation, even that has been too much. “Three times too many. And we have also talked too much”,- but without losing the sense of humour, he adds that craziness can be recognized by how the person talks after four months of silence. “I didn’t answer her at all for four months! I was in Azerbaijan and for some reason my phone didn’t show me any numbers, everything was hidden. And someone called and I hoped it was my girlfriend, who was this time in Africa. But it was her again. I told her to leave me alone, but she was acting like usual – asking how I was and told she had eaten two sandwiches today and that I should try Polish caviar.”

The man tells that the sign of danger is when a person is too calm. “I feel, I will soon reach that stage myself, because I am too calm about that topic”. And indeed – while Alexander talks about the crazy fan, he laughs about almost everything. No reflection of fear in his eyes or in his way of speaking.

The phone calls between Alexander and his crazy fans mostly look like that she does the talking and he listens. Or hangs up. “Fortunately my new number enables me to block her number.” But her e-mails still reach him. “I already have like a museum of those. During the last four months she has sent me around 4000 e-mails”,- he tells.

Haven’t thought of bodyguards

Fortunately the fan doesn’t know exactly where I live. “She knows approximately. And when she calls me and says: “Dear Alexander, I only flew in from Israel to spend a night with you.” I have to be harsh with her. When she calls me and I know, she is lurking around somewhere between buildings, then I will tell her, let’s meet at that square there – then she goes to that square and I can go to my apartment in peace”,- admits Rybak.

He hasn’t given a thought to hiring bodyguards. “If I would have bodyguards, it means, she has won. Once a man was stalking me, with baseball bat, because his wife was in love with me or something like that. But if I hire bodyguards, it means, they will win”,- he utters.

However, once Alexander replied to her. “When my previous girlfriend started to flirt with her fitness coach, I got mad and wrote to that woman. I told that actually she isn’t that crazy and at least she is talking to me. That caused the next conversation”,- laughs Alexander once again.

About the rest of his fans Alexander tells, that they are crazy in a good sense. “For example, when I told in one interview that I started boxing, I was sent boxing gloves. The children send me drawings. Girls send me pictures of this and that (when asking for of what precisely, Alexander only grins and tells: “Well, of this and that”). The best presents are the ones, where I can see, there has been time spent on making them. Albums, for example – some fans I can recognize by face and when I see them at concerts, we will make pictures together. In two years I will receive an album with our pictures”,- he tells.
Alexander tells he has “few rooms” in his parents’ house for fans’ presents. “I answer all the letters, for example after every two months. But I don’t have the time to sit down and read them again. When I try to find a certain letter among other ones, it’s like playing bingo – they all look the same up to the moment I open them.”

Trying to increase the number of Estonian fans

Alexander will stay in Tallinn until Sunday, then he has to fly back to the Oslo area, where the next concert will take place. What kind of plans he has for his stay here, he doesn’t know even himself. Last night, when the interview took place, he didn’t want to party. “I always try to be professional, because I have respect for people, who come to my concert, therefore I don’t want to get drunk or to stay up late on the previous night” he explains. “And since my concert ends around 2AM, then I probably won’t have a walk in the city either.” But he promises to write autographs after the concert. Besides, he cares about Estonian fans a lot. “I have more fans here than I thought. For example, on my Facebook page I have many thousands of them. I am trying to increase my fanbase, to be able to give even more concerts in Estonia.”

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