Alexander Rybak & Didrik Solli-Tangen at the MGP afterparty in Larvik, 28.01.2012

Article in the  paper issue of newspaper “Østlandsposten”, published on 30.01.2012.

Journalist: Rikke Askersrud. Photo: Mats Grimsæth

Found and translated by  Mari Andersen

Among the nearly three thousand spectators, one could also find some previous Eurovision winners. Didrik Solli-Tangen and Alexander Rybak had made the trip to be a part of the cheering audience. A position they were really satisfied with. “Right now, I could not imagine standing on stage. There is tremendous pressure and a lot of nerves. I’m just fine here as a clapping audience,” Rybak smiles, and get support from Solli-Tangen: “Tonight I’m enjoying the other’s achievements. And by saying that, I have to say that the representatives from Larvik has done an incredibly good job tonight”.

But to the question if some of the guys would like an Eurovision comeback, they answer diffuse: Right now this is okay.

Article in the paper issue of “Se&Hør”, published on 31.01.2012

“The party’s most beautiful girls!”

The former MGP winners Alexander Rybak (25) and Didrik Solli-Tangen (24) partied with their beautiful girlfriends at the MGP nachpiel in Larvik.
Rybak found happiness with the doctor educated Maria Strøm Slynstad (26), about a year ago, while Didrik became boyfriend with the opera singer Benedicte Årving (24) last summer. They have also been a couple for a short time earlier. “It is very nice to be here with Maria, Didrik and his girlfriend”,- Alexander Rybak said. Didirik was greatful he didnt had to be on stage as participant, and said it was nice to have an evening off and spend it with Benedicte.

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