Article about Alexander Rybak as instructor at Valdres Festival

The article was published in  paper issue of “Valdres”, 27.06.2013.

Author: Ingri Valen Egeland. 

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Jorunn Ekre.

English revision by Anni Jowett

In the lead: Instructor Alexander Rybak together with course attendee Ingrid Fuchen Røyne (13) from Fagernes. The young girl from Valdres doesn’t hide the fact that it`s fun having the well-known violinist and artist as an instructor. Rybak himself thinks it`s great being an inspiration to the next generation of strings and lets himself get inspired by their commitment and willingness to learn

 Great study days in Leira

Alexander Rybak is instructor and inspiration to over 40 young strings at Valdres Summer symphony.

Ingrid Fuchen Røyne thinks it`s a fairytale to have Alexander Rybak as an instructor during Valdres Summer symphony.

The 13 year old from Fagernes, who is the only person from Valdres in Rybak`s class isn`t the only one who thinks this. Together with over 40 other young strings, she pays attention and with a firm grip on violin and bow and listens for most of them to the well-known violinist and artist while he is instructing.

It`s Sven Nyhus`Bergrosa they are rehearsing while we sneak into the gym at Valdres Folkehøgskule. The correct intonation and light bow strikes is the centre of attention.

“We`re in Valdres now, think cow tail, cow tail when you play” says Rybak and makes the students laugh. With a relaxed attitude and a good rapport  with the course attendants the experienced instructor succeeds after a while with the students getting the hang of it. Then it`s the Eurovision Song Contest winner`s own material which is on the agenda, Europe`s Skies and Fairytale. While the rest tale out the sheet music to the last mentioned winning song from  Eurovision, others are already plinking the song.

Pays attention: Head of the Valdres Festival, Alf Richard Kraggerud, pays attention from the side-line when Alexander Rybak instructs the over 40 students.

Good advice 

“Relax and enjoy it while you play. If you`re unsure, glance at your neighbour, earlier you were supposed to sit straight up and look straight ahead when you played classical music, but times have changed, I think people like it that us musicians look at each other a bit when we play “ Rybak advises the students.

After the rehearsal is over the students gather around the instructor, who is obviously more popular than most teachers. Ingrid Fuchen Røyne gets his autograph.

“He is very capable” she says giggling looking shyly at the instructor who smiles back and says: “ I think you are extremely good, too. You learn fast, that`s why I push you, I know you`ve got what it takes” says Rybak with  commitment. Today the two of them will be onstage for the final concert.

Concentrated: As an involved instructor Alexander Rybak has the course attendant`s full attention.

Close relationship

When he was young, Rybak himself participated at Valdres Summer symphony, and as a part of the symphony  for the 14th time; he has a close relationship to both the 20 year anniversary and Valdres.

“I remember the summers here when I was kid as fantastic and very inspiring. It was in Valdres I really fell in love with Norway. It`s great to be back as an instructor and to be an inspiration to young people. A few years ago, I had to return two hours before the concert began in a limo with dark window panes. To be able to spend several days here, as a part of this wonderful environment, is a wonderful contrast. You become like a great family. Valdres Summer symphony is an incredibly important arena to classical music life in Norway” Rybak ends ,who also fondly looks back on his time wandering around Valdres for musical inspiration.

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