Article about Alexander Rybak and Annsofi in the paper issue of Her&Nå. 5.2.13.

Text: Eirik Leganger Nergård

Photo:  Morten Bendiksen

Found by Tessa Lande. English translation by Tessa Lande & Susanne Berlin. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Text to the pic: At the cinema together!
Study trip: We are at the movie to find out if there is something from “Les Miserables” we can use, Alexander Rybak says, who compares Annsofi’s song with Eponines “On My Own” in the famous musical.

Annsofi hints about MGP partner Rybak.
This is what she really thinks about Alexander.

When Alexander disappeared for 2 minutes, Annsofi Pettersen grabbed the chance: – Now I can tell what I really think about him!
If not sweet music, it’s certainly cheerful tones between Alexander Rybak (26) and Annsofi Pettersen (18) when they meet “Her & Nå “at the restaurant Brasserie 74 in Sarpsborg.

The restaurant is located next door to Sarpsborg cinema, where they want to charge up the Melody Grand Prix by watching “Les Miserables”. Alexander has written an emotional song for Annsofi, and they want to see if there are elements in the musical Annsofi can take with her on stage.

Text to Alex pic. MGP-LEGEND: Alexander Rybak made Eurovision history when he in 2009 got the incredible number of 387 points, and won superiorly with the song “Fairytale”
Text to Annsofi’s pic. ALONE: Annsofi was the only participant in the semifinal without a crew. In Oslo Spectrum, however the composer Rybak will be present.

The two have been in contact ever since Annsofi was in X-Factor on TV 2 in 2010.
– Alexander knocked on my hotel room, and he said he wanted to coach me. I kind of thought it was a little grand – there stood Alexander Rybak somehow! But I also thought “Oh my God! How will this go?”- Annsofi says, who admits she was a bit dazzled by the meeting with the Eurovision Song Contest winner.
But they soon found the tone, which both resulted in the duet “Baby It’s cold outside” and now the Eurovision song “I’m with you”.

-We have become good friends, almost like siblings. We practice a lot together, but can also relax with movies and TV-games,- they say, who have settled into the habit of finishing each other’s sentences.

PERFECT STARTING POINT: “The third place in Florø suited us perfectly, because now they get the opportunity to show a trend”,- Alexander says, who has worked hard with Annsofi the recent weeks to tweak the performance before the finale.

The last weeks before the final, they have been in daily contact. Whether at Alexander’s in Oslo, but preferably at Annsofi’s in Sarpsborg.
– I’ve noticed that being at my place, we spend much more time watching films and having coffee than focusing on the music, so I take the train to Sarpsborg,- Alexander says, who admits that he can be a demanding teacher.
But Annsofi insists that everything happens in a friendly tone.

– I’ll hit back, and we give each other some “pokes” all the way. We really don’t argue, It’s more a “Woof!” And then it’s over”,- she says. After a short laugh, Alexander stands up and has to make a necessary errand. Then Annsofi revived.

– Now I can tell you what I really think about Alexander,- she says.

-Well, what do you really think about Alexander?
She smiles, but it’s obvious that she does not intend to take the opportunity either to “Woof” or poke.

– He’s a very, very kind person. Generous and very empathetic. He is a person I initially viewed as someone unattainable, he at least is a Grand Prix legend, but yet he speaks to me at eye level. To work with him opens incredibly many doors for me, yet he demands nothing back. He does this because he thinks it’s fun, and I appreciate it a lot,- she says.
– Also, he is a person I can also have a good time with off work. We watch movies together and he looks after me like he was my big brother,- Annsofi says.

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