Article about ALexander in “Let’s dance”. Norwegian paper issue “Her og Naa”, 10.11.11

(found and translated by Tessa La)

Rybak and his dance partner deny romance rumors

Before and after Alexander Rybak’s dance debut in Sweden, the romance rumors were swarming. To the Her and Nå he denies that there is any romance.
“Here Alexander is flirting wildly”,- wrote the Swedish newspaper Expressen after Alexander Rybak and his dance partner Malin Johansson had performed their English waltz in the opening program of “Let’s Dance” on Swedish TV4 on Friday night.

Alexander does not hide that he thinks Malin is beautiful, and it is no coincidence that he was dancing with the blonde beauty in the Swedish version of “Shall we dance”.

– I made it clear that I absolutely wanted to dance with Malin. I had seen her in some TV interviews, and saw that she was a girl I could get good chemistry with,- says Alexander.

– Do that mean that you had said no to participation, if you were denied to dance with her?

– Yes, I would probably have turned it down,- he says with a smile.

And he has a good reason to be pleased with the choice of partner. Alexander and Malin took the dance floor and the judging panel by storm and secured the lead ahead before the next week’s program. But despite flirting during Friday’s broadcast they both deny that they are going to be more than good friends.

– The chemistry between us is good because we do not flirt with each other. The less romantic, the better we communicate on the dance floor,- Alex said to Her and Nå.
– So the flirting is just acting?

– Yes, it is about creating characters,- he says, but adds that without good chemistry they would have no chance in this competition. That is so important! Just look at the previous “Let’s Dance” winners. There is not a single couple that didn’t have good chemistry. He said he would feel guilty, of things had not worked out between them, since it was he who chose her.

Malin on her side is delighted to dance with Alexander, but says that it is on a professional level. He’s the best pupil! He have all the criteria I want in a dance student. We have very good chemistry in private, but only as friends, she says.

Also to the Swedish newspaper Expressen she denies that they are going to be more than good friends. It’s not going to happen, she said.

The last time she competed in the Swedish program, there was romance rumors between her and the more than 30 years older actor Stefan Sauk. Even then, Malin denied the rumors.

Neither she nor Alexander, however, appears to care much about the romance rumors will arise during the program. No, not as long as no one is hurt by it. And there are probably no one who does, they said after the broadcast.

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  1. IS He a professional dancer?I have seen his dance video.I think they were the best dancers in the world!I like to see alex happy all the time.he is a brave boy!

  2. it was agood opportunity for maline to dance with him.i want alexs there anyone help me with my problem!i play violin so i have to ask him some questions.thank you.

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