A fan of Rybak invaded the stage of “The Voice of Lithuania”

Article published at  Klubas.lt on April 8, 2012

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Found by Zhanna Sergueeva, translated by Jolanta Paulite.

A fan of A.Rybak invaded the stage, and had to be restraint by the security guards.

On the Easter evening the final match of LNK project “Voice of Lithuania” ended with unexpected incident – in the main entertainment arena security guards have had to restrain one viewer, who invaded the stage during Alexander Rybak’s concert.

The Belarusian origin and representative of Norway, who triumphed a few years ago in Eurovision, become the first sweetie to performe in the Voice of Lithuania – The project organizers promise, that in the final fights every weekend will participate a bright stars of popular music.

A warmly greeted Alexander Rybak pleased the audience, went down on the ground floor and shaked hand with a dozen fans, and a few girls where extremely lucky – the guy kissed their hands.

Apparently happy with such an immediate directly communication by A. Rybak, one guy suddenly climbed on the scene and began to dance, and quite aptly demonstrating welknown A.Rybak steps. Eurovision winner seems to be happy with such a incident, and he raged a couple of minutes on stage with his fan, until finally the security guard without any problem took that fan away the stage.
When asking the guards, they assured that he wouldn’t get any bigger trouble – the guy was simply scrubbed out the door.

Here you can watch an amateur video of this happening, taken by someome from the audience:

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