Annsofi releases a new song inspired by Alexander Rybak

June 21st, 2013 Annsofi released 2 new singles and one of them is related to Alexander Rybak. Read the “Stories Behind” to know more about it 🙂

Annsofi – «Don’t slaughter me» and «Before I Go»
The stories behind the songs

Four months after reaching the Gold final of the MGP (the Norwegian selection for ESC) with Alexander Rybak’s song «I’m With You», Annsofi now releases two new songs: «Don’t Slaughter Me» and «Before I Go». In the latter she debuts as a songwriter.

«Don’t Slaughter Me» came into being as a direct result of the friendship that arose between Alexander, Annsofi and songwriter JP Paulsen during the production of «I’m With You». While the three of them celebrated Alexander’s top grade after his graduation concert at the Barratt Due Institute of Music in Alexander’s apartment, «hate speech» poured into the comments section of a major Norwegian newspaper that had published the graduation concert. «We’ve read some of the things that people wrote ourselves»,- says JP. «When you feel like you know a person, and people who don’t know this person write very ugly things about someone they haven’t even met, it does something to you. You respond, and in this case my reaction was to write lyrics in which I tried to put myself into the mind-set of some of the online bullies». When JP met with co-songwriter Kenneth Gutterup a little later to work on a new melody idea by Kenneth, JP reacted instinctively when Kenneth said he had an idea for the title of his song, namely «Don’t Slaughter Me». «That title suited the theme of the lyrics I had written, and when my lyrics fit Kenneth’s melody like a glove, we took it as a sign that the lyrics and melody were meant for each other, and we completed the song together».

Don’t Slaughter Me (official lyrics video)

«Before I Go» is Annsofi’s debut as a songwriter. Within a short period of time she experienced two sudden deaths within her circle of friends. «One of them was among those killed in the tragic «22/7» terror on Utøya. When another one passed away only a few months later, my mother encouraged me to try to express what I felt through music». For Annsofi, who had become known through X Factor – a show that involves singing cover songs – writing her own material became a new experience. «I had never written my own songs before, but I sat down at the piano at home and just started playing. With tears rolling, I began to sing exactly what I felt, and the words gradually formed into a song. When I finally dared to bring it to my producers and my band, I was afraid they wouldn’t like it. Instead they all felt that I had finally found something that was my own. Personally, I felt like I had come home».

Before I Go (official lyrics video)

Article about the new songs of Annsofi in Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad

PERSONAL: Annsofi Pettersen thinks she shows a new and genuine side of herself with the new songs that are now on the market.

Photo and text: Cecilie Summer-Mathiesen

New and personal from Annsofi

Music that only the very closest to Annsofi Pettersen have heard is now ready for a larger audience.

 The 18-year-old from Borgenhaugen believes many will be surprised, and that some may find there is a bit of a dark mood.

Although she is very happy.

– It’s straight from the liver and heart at the same time. There is something about the real feelings and it is very personal,- she says.


 Real feelings

She started as a songwriter roughly eighteen months ago, and is proud to have taken “Before I Go” out of the drawer.

– This is a song I wrote eighteen months ago. In the aftermath of Utøya there was a period where I felt that many around me were gone.

It was her mother who encouraged Annsofi to use music as therapy. This resulted in “Before I Go.”

– Actually, it’s a reaction to the feelings I experienced and found among my friends,- she explains,- and I find the experience of playing the song for my family and very closest has been strong. Several started crying.

– There was probably something in it, and it’s nice to get out a song that asks questions.

The second one, “Don’t slaughter me,” she calls cheekier and more a summer song. It is made by JP Paulsen and Kenneth Gutterup.


Live expressions

The recordings are done in FMV Studio in “Gamlebyen”, belonging to Kyrre Fritzner who is known for his work with, among others, CC Cowboys, deLillos, Bobby Valentino, and Postgirobygget. The recording took a lot of practice in advance.

– I wanted a live recording, to get a more authentic expression. There is so much that is polished today. On these two songs there is not much that is fixed afterwards,- Annsofi says happy.

The musicians she had with her are JP Paulsen (piano), Rodrigo Villagra (bass and contrabass), Fredrik Johnsen (guitar) and Niels Henrik Hagensen (drums).

Want to play more

Last weekend Annsofi had a gig at Sunnmøre, and Friday she performs at a concert in Oslo Cathedral.

– The plan now is to get as much exposure as possible for the new songs, and try to get a lot of gigs at clubs this autumn, the manager Dag Solheim says. Therefore they have tested out the music material to Annsofi in several different concepts lately.

– The idea is to have more possibilities, everything from a stripped-down band to a concert with a full band.

Annsofi was a “Russ” (Norwegian graduation celebration) this spring, but will continue to spend some time at St. Olav High School this autumn.

This is because she decided to study part-time last semester, so she has a few subjects left. The dream is to study political science and law.

– Therefore, I am keen on doing well in school now, to secure the opportunity for myself,- she says.

– But I am not in a hurry,- says the 18-year-old, who doesn’t have any plans about releasing a album right now.

-Now I will show something new, and I have to find my audience. The goal is to make all the music myself,- Annsofi Pettersen says.

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